DIY Leather Butterfly Necklace Tutorial!

Hello there!  Me again!  Candie Cooper from to share a sweet little butterfly necklace idea.  The secret ingredient:  leather.  Have you worked with leather to make jewelry?  It’s super easy.  I’m going to show you how right now!

DIY Leather Butterfly Necklace by Candie CooperTo make this flutter-by, you will need:  metallic leather, a finished necklace chain, permanent glue stick, 2 jump rings (6mm), chain nose pliers, sharp scissors, Jewelry Attitude craft film and of course your favorite butterfly image from the delightful Graphics Fairy.Make a Butterfly Necklace 5Print the butterfly image of your choice onto the craft film.Make a Leather Butterfly Necklace 8Trim around the image leaving a tiny boarder.Make a Leather Butterfly Necklace 11Apply a coat of glue to the printed side of the image.Make a Leather Butterfly NecklacePlace onto the metallic leather.  By the way, you can find the leather at a craft store or Tandy Leather store.Make a Leather Butterfly Necklace 13Peel the paper backing from the butterfly and smooth the film out with your finger.Leather Butterfly Necklace 1Trim around the edge of the butterfly, leaving a tiny boarder of shiny leather.Make a Leather Butterfly Necklace 4The nifty thing about the Jewelry Attitude film is that it picks up the texture of the leather.  Here’s a butterfly I did on a more textured piece of leather.Make a Leather Butterfly Necklace 12Hole punch the top of both wings.  I used a tiny hole punch (found in the scrapbooking section of the craft store).Make a Leather Butterfly Necklace 2Open a jump ring and connect one end of the chain.Make an Easy Butterfly Necklace 6Close the ring.

Make a leather butterfly 10Add a second jump ring to the other side–this is where the clasp will connect.  To keep it simple, I left the closure in the front. Plus, I kinda like the mysterious front clasp effect.  But if you prefer symmetry, you can reconfigure the chain adding more connections with jump rings.Make A Leather Butterfly Necklace 3Can you imagine how many of these you can make with all the beautiful butterfly images offered on this site?!Candie Cooper Butterfly NecklaceHello there!  (waves and hugs)  See how the necklace looks on?
Butterfly Leather Cuff Bracelet
Here’s a cuff bracelet I made with the butterflies (or are those moths?) riveted on.  I especially like layering pieces like the filigree on top.

Make a Leather butterfly necklace 9Here’s another necklace with a tassel connected at the bottom with a jump ring.  I might wear this to prom.  Oh wait.  I’m 34 so that’s probably not going to happen (snaps back to reality).Butterfly Collage SheetIf you want me to send you a ready to go sheet of butterflies printed on Jewelry Attitude, check out my Etsy listing right here.

How To Make Easy EarringsIf you want to learn more jewelry making tricks, check out this earring tutorial. They even match the butterfly necklace!

Thanks for checking out my post!  See ya next month!

Candie <3

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  1. Very beautiful necklace!

  2. That is gorgeous! Very clever. I think I will try this out and make it into a brooch to replace a beautiful steampunk style one that my husband bought for me. Lost it along with the favourite jacket that it was on :-(

  3. Wow, these are all nice. I especially like the bracelet, and the beaded, tassle necklace. Well, really, I like all of them!

    Wonderful weekend to all.

  4. Wow! What a great necklace. Thanks for sharing!

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