DIY project: painted exit sign

DIY Project Painted Exit Sign

DIY Project – Painted Exit Sign

Every room deserves a dash of whimsy – don’t you think? Whether it’s a pop of color or just a touch of something to make you smile. This week’s project definitely fits the bill! Simple hand painted letters, right on the door, it always catches attention. Want to try it yourself?

You’ll need: paint, a brush,  the print out of your graphic, an ink pen & carbon paper.

To get the “graphic” I used this typography and cropped out the letters I needed and then added them all into one graphic. This technique will work with any graphic you have in mind, though!

First tape on a layer of carbon paper – I used the black transfer kind, but you can also find the white transfer (like Karen used to make a chalkboard.)

Then layer your graphic on top, so that the image is aligned where you want it.


Trace around the outer edges of the letters with an ink pen to get your guidelines.

It’s somewhat hard to see the black on top of a black door – so white would have been a better option.
Last, take your paint brush and fill in those lines just like coloring! If you need help, check out my post about lettering tips and tricks.


Once it’s painted your done. See… just a touch of whimsy!
See ya next week for another project!


  1. Thank you once again for sharing. Will most certainly try this one. xx

  2. Oh I am so loving that idea, so simple but looks really effective, thanks for sharing that.

  3. Can you explain how you crop out the letters from the graphic? What program are you using?

  4. Love this idea! Thanks for taking the time to post this.

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