DIY Ring Toss Game

Even though I can hear the school bells ringing in the not so distant future, there are still plenty of warm summer days left to get out and play! Today’s post is a simple DIY, made from the ever popular wood shims and a little bit of paint. So make yourself a snow cone and get ready to have some carnival style fun with this fun project: a DIY Ring Toss Game. 

 For this project you will need:
Wood Shims
Two Colors of Paint (one darker than the other)
Painter’s Tape
Craft Knife
Paint Brush

Let’s make this!

 Start with one of your paint colors, and paint the top ends (or the thicker end) of the wood shims. I did 5, but you could do as many or as few as you want. They really only need one coat, but if your paint is thin you might want to do two.

 Next take a ruler and craft knife and cut thin strips out of painter’s tape. If you have the thin stuff on hand feel free to use that, but I only keep the thicker stuff, and your pieces only need to be about 1/3 inch wide or so.

 Next, wrap the tape around the tops of the (dry) wood shims. Start with one, then do two on the next, and so on, because the stripes are the points system.

 One stripe, up to five stripes, easy to see how many points you have at a glance. Make sure the tape it down really well, before going to the next step.

 Now paint on your second color, all over the entire shim. I gave mine two coats to cover it really well.

Once dry, peel off your paint strips and you’re ready to play!

We used diving rings from our pool for the “ring” portion of the toss, but any small ring type toy will work. I love it when I can make something do double duty :)

Hope you enjoyed the DIY Ring Toss Game! I’d love to see you on my blog at The Shabby Creek Cottage.

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