GE Appliances Reimagining Home – My Crazy Cooking Mishap & Giveaway!

You probably don’t know this, but I’m really not known for having fabulous cooking skills. Having said that I’ve come a long way from when I first started cooking when I was in my early 20s and living in my first apartment. When GE Appliances, via my ad network BlogHer, asked me to share a kitchen mishap on my blog, I almost laughed out loud when I recalled the story that I’m about to share with you guys. It was so many years ago that I had nearly forgotten it and to be honest…well…it’s kind of an icky story. I hope you won’t judge me! I was living in the inner city of Baltimore, with a roommate whose name I won’t say in order to protect her from embarrassment! My parents had given me a roast beef for Christmas, as a gift. They knew that money was tight. I was working in retail at the time and food gifts were always appreciated! The oven in our apartment was teeny tiny and the roast was quite large. It was a no frills apartment style oven. I popped the roast in on a pan, and it filled the whole oven. It really didn’t fit properly. It nearly touched the coils inside, which I didn’t realize would be a problem having never cooked anything like that before. It went along for quite some time, cooking away and smelling so yummy, when we suddenly noticed that there was a whole lot of smoke coming from the kitchen. I opened the over door to find that the roast had burst into flames!! My roommate ran down the hall, grabbed a fire extinguisher and we put the flames out. Now here’s the gross part, we were broke and well…we were really hungry and you know…the roast had been smelling really good before that and all so…um…we washed it off and…we ate it anyway! Ugh! I certainly wouldn’t do that now, and I would never recommend doing that, but those were desperate times! I do believe we removed some of the outer pieces first…or at least I hope we did! So that’s my crazy cooking story, or at least one of them. ;) No doubt all of that would have been prevented had I owned a gorgeous oven like the GE Appliances Oven that you see above. It’s a nice roomy double oven that allows you to cook two different dishes, at two different temperatures at the same time! It’s also a self-cleaning oven, like the GE Appliances oven that I have in my kitchen now. Which means cleanup is super easy, even when your oven is covered in soot from the flames of a roast beef tragedy! The GE Appliances philosophy is “It’s not good design unless it’s designed around the consumer.” They listen to the people, like us, that use their appliances, in order to know what innovations to put forward. GE Appliances spends hours and hours studying consumer insights about appliances, in order to improve the design as well as the functionality of each one of their appliances. Be sure and stop by the GE Appliances site to check out the Virtual “Kitchen Reimagined” site where you’ll be able to check out all the inventive and inspiring, GE Appliances ovens, Dishwashers and Refrigerators inside and out, and learn some fun facts too! Now for the Giveaway! Answer the question, “If your kitchen could study you, what would it learn?” in the comments below, for a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card! Sweepstakes Rules: No duplicate comments. You may receive (2) total entries by selecting from the following entry methods: Leave a comment in response to the sweepstakes prompt on this post Tweet (public message) about this promotion; including exactly the following unique term in your tweet message: “#SweepstakesEntry”; and leave the URL to that tweet in a comment on this post Blog about this promotion, including a disclosure that you are receiving a sweepstakes entry in exchange for writing the blog post, and leave the URL to that post in a comment on this post For those with no Twitter or blog, read the official rules to learn about an alternate form of entry. This giveaway is open to US Residents age 18 or older. Winner will be selected via random draw, and will be notified by e-mail. You have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise a new winner will be selected.   The Official Rules are available here. This sweepstakes runs from 08/23/2013-09/29/2013. Be sure to visit the GE Brand Page on where you can read other bloggers’ reviews and find more chances to win! signature2


  1. If my kitchen studied me, it would learn that I am a no-hold’s barred, just do it kind of cook. I love making up new recipes, trying out stuff I find around the ‘net, etc. I don’t tend to measure precisely, or follow rules, but I am passionate about putting out tasty food that people want more of!

  2. My kitchen knows that I chop a lot of my refrigerator watches my every move!

  3. My kitchen knows that I don’t like to measure… just risk it! Throw in some ingredients & see what happens!

  4. If my kitchen could study me, it would see that I am a gourmet cook wanna-be and learning as much as I can so I can cook wonderful delicious food for my fiancee!

  5. i am dying to know where you were living. i was probably not too far away at the same time!

    And if my kitchen studied me, it would learn that i hate to cook for myself, but i love to cook for others.

  6. Christina says:

    If my kitchen could study me, it would see a full-time worker and a full-time Mom who doesn’t have a whole lot of time to whip up award winning dinners. A mother who envisions family meals as the highlight of the day, but one who needs a little inspiration to pull it off! Maybe, just maybe this is the inspiration I need! Maybe, just maybe, this would be the way to help my 4 year old discover a culinary world beyond mac & cheese and chicken nuggets!

  7. That my stove just collects dust because I don’t cook. I do however know how to microwave anything. I need a bigger freezer for my Ice Cream.

  8. My kitchen would learn that my beloved great grandmothers southern cooking recipes are living on through me. In fact, homemade chicken and dumplings are cooking now!!

  9. Lisa Fuller says:

    My kitchen would discover that I love to bake desserts. And that my family can be very picky about what they eat.

  10. My kitchen would say she is losing the desire to cook. But when she does, it would be nice of her to remember the items go in pots or bowls not floor.

  11. My kitchen would learn that I love carbs! I make bagels, cookies, brownies but when it comes to making meals, I’m not the best! I haven’t caught anything on fire yet (my husband did though, AND it was oil… glad I knew not to throw water on it!)

  12. My kitchen knows I love to collect recipes from Pinterest!! I still have all of my mom’s recipes and her very old recipe box. My kitchen knows I can cook, just choose when to do it!

  13. My kitchen knows that I love to make everything from scratch, and I mean everything! All my condiments and snack foods included! I love my kitchen and it loves me.

  14. My kitchen would see a woman who has lived long enough to cook and bake through many years for family and friends. It would see me enjoying trying all the new food trends and wanting to own every new gadget that comes along.

  15. Becky Warner says:

    My kitchen knows that I don’t like to use recipes. I like to make my own up as I go.

  16. My kitchen would learn that while I cook a “big” dinner I like to cook using wine & sip it too. It’s very relaxing & enjoyable. I like to entertain & set the buffet out on the bar counter. I pace the meal apps, main course & dessert. Slow & easy does it. No rushing here. We all have plenty to eat & great company.

  17. My kitchen would see the whole family (spouse + 4 kids) chopping, peeling, sizzling, slicing, baking and cleaning up! We love to cook all together, and yes, even clean up together afterwards. It’s the best time of the day :)

  18. Jeanne Peterson says:

    I think my kitchen has already studied me. It knows that when I get in the cooking/baking mode I do a LOT of it. When I can, I do it in mass quantities. I am currently in the process of roasting 2 CASES of hatch peppers to put in the freezer. I could make GREAT use of a snazzy oven!

  19. It would learn, I like to cook, but am not a fan of the clean up part! LOL

  20. Paula Collins says:

    My kitchen know that I love to bake from scratch. My husband is the chef. Boy can he cook! He has secrets he will not share, not even with me. Wow would he love that stove!

  21. My kitchen would know that I am scared to undercook chicken so I always overcook it, and that I love cooking and baking when I have the time for it.

  22. My kitchen would say, “You need a new oven!” “You’re, practically, living like a hillbilly here!” LOL! Thank you for the chance to win!

  23. My kitchen would tell me “remove the old brok dishwasher and get you one that works!”

  24. Jerri C. TN says:

    My kitchen study on me would reveal that I need to PLAN before I begin to start the cooking, only to find out I am missing one key ingredient.

  25. My kitchen would tell me that it needs help as we are on borrowed time!! I love to cook and entertain, and there have been many happy events at our home!

  26. Lori Tsuruda says:

    If my kitchen studied me, it would learn that I love to cook, particularly experimenting with multiple variations to optimize recipes for my palate and healthier cooking.

  27. If my kitchen studies me, it would say….” Brenda loves to cook, loves to chop veggies, and happy in the kitchen.”

  28. Kim Morgan says:

    My kitchen would know that my kitchen is the heart and soul of my home.

  29. Michael Schmaus says:

    My stove would say “where have you been…I miss you” and my fridge would say ” HEY…its the same thing as when you looked 5 min ago”

  30. Lynn Sletta says:

    If my kitchen studied me it would find I am a very good cook and do cook everyday even though it’s for just myself and husband. Although it would also find I have several occasional spurts of over doing in the cooking because of family coming home for holidays, weekends, etc. and one daughter is a pastry chef who takes over most of the cooking when she’s home too! Always nice to have NEW foods and menu’s to feast on when that happens too!

  31. If my kitchen could study me, it would see that I am a frustrated pastry chef!

  32. If my kitchen studied me it would think that creative minds work in strange ways. I write a food blog and an always doing crazy things like turning beans into “nuts” and zucchini into “flour”. My stove would say “You just cleaned me, why did you mess me up again.” and my fridge would say “Help! You are stuffing me.” My kitchen knows that it is the heart of my home.

  33. If my kitchen were to study me as much as I have studied it, it would tell you that I like to make the most out of everything, every space, every morsel of food, and every item I choose to have in it.
    It would also tell you that I hate the gross electric stove that was covered in someone else’s “experiments” . My kitchen watched as it took me 3 days of intense scrubbing to be able to even turn it on, and that no matter how much I hate that stove I use it all the time to make wonderful meals and treats for my family and friends! It would let you know that I would LOVE a Gas stove!
    Thanks for the chance to look at myself from the viewpoint of my kitchen! :)

  34. If my kitchen studied me, it would say that I cook in it almost every day and the whole family spends a great deal of time there. I think it would be happy that it is the heart of our home. But, because I cook so much, there is the constant back and forth of clean–cook–clean. I do clean it every day before bed, but it sometimes is a “work in progress.”

  35. My kitchen would know I cook everything from scratch. Never buy processes foods and always shop on the outside perimeters of grocery stores. If it has a label, I usually never buy it!

  36. If my kitchen studied me,it would know that I need a lot more room and also lots more kitchen items to use. With limited space, it’s hard to keep a lot of things in there. Also, that the kitchen has to be clean before I can go to bed…nothing better than a clean kitchen!

  37. Wow that story is a doozy!! I would LOVE this oven, we are SO overdue for a new oven, ours doesn’t fit where it is and it’s awful!! I do Thanksgiving every year for about 20 people and would love to win this, wow!!! Thanks for the opportunity….!!

  38. Dawn Aragon says:

    It would say “you don’t have to can EVERYTHING”! But then again it loves that I seem to spend a lot of time in there.

  39. Deb Valkenbrg says:

    My kitchen would say “the Oven hasn’t worked in 6 yrs and lighting the burners w/match is so Last Century”, you can’t make much in toaster oven. The stove is an original gas slide-in (not safe and no longer made, it sat on a ledge w/wood trim covering up unused space, Sears said it was a huge fire risk, to replace hire a carpenter, possibly an electrician, it is circa 1969.

  40. My kitchen would observe that I am a cook who plans meals and tries to be creative with a everyday traditional foods. As organized as I try to be, I most likely look like a circus clown trying to get a meal finished. It is a challenge to juggle cooking times and temperatures for different foods.
    I like cooking but miss having a double oven. In the early ’60′s, my parents installed a double wall oven and it was wonderful!

  41. It would learn that I’m not much of a cook!

  42. My kitchen knows I am turning over a new leaf! Trying my best to cook every day and keep things clean like a real, honest-to-goodness grownup. lol :D

  43. tweet–

  44. My kitchen knows I should not be in there!

  45. My kitchen would learn I’m not so in love with cooking anymore! :( Cooking has lost it’s appeal for me! I DO AGREE with a woman who commented before me though, there’s NOTHING LIKE A CLEAN KITCHEN!!!!!!!!:)

  46. My kitchen would learn that I am trying to learn more about cooking and baking each day – and I love doing it! Just don’t like the clean up so much. ;)

  47. My kitchen knows that all the appliances are so old they are bordering on “vintage” but without that great “retro” look.

  48. That I like cooking from scratch and use organic ingredients

  49. That I am easily distracted……therefore, timers are a necessity!!!

  50. My kitchen would learn that I’d much rather bake than cook–and eat the results of my baking more happily than the results of my cooking!

  51. Sharon Kay says:

    My kitchen would say it’s about time I cooked more than breakfasts and sandwiches!

  52. Marie Warda says:

    My kitchen would know that leftovers are priceless!

  53. My Kitchen would know how desperate I Am. I don’t have a ‘real’ kitchen, but I do cook by dealing with it! I Cook in a two burner hot plate and bake in a Large toaster oven, I use an electric griddle and steamer, and bread machine and we eat well. Someday I Want a real kitchen with a real stove and oven that you can run at the same time.

  54. If my kitchen let out my secrets of study, it would say I need to learn how to really cook meals not just heat up a few things and cook a roast or two. That it has much to offere which I rarely put to use due to lack of knowledge, and that it sees my frustration in the fear of trying new things.

  55. Kate Thompson says:

    My kitchen would observe that I work in a Bermuda triangle! Since pasta is my best friend, I’m a wash-chop-saute kinda person. My cooktop is on the OTHER side of my kitchen from the sink, and I spend my days playing ring-around-the rosie with the island ~ stepping over two golden retrievers with a pot of boiling water is always an adventure! And because of the layout, I’m always looking for a utensil that’s on the other side of the room. I need to re-work the kitchen triangle in my home!

  56. Darlene Graham says:

    My kitchen would learn that I just love reading cookbooks…just not that crazy about using them!

  57. My kitchen would see that I love a wide variety of cuisines and that I have a terrible sweet tooth. It would also know the secret of what a messy cook I can be and how I am a little obsessive about the order of my spices.

  58. My kitchen would say I like to cook, and could it please have a break. She’d also say to stop making such big messes that I have to clean up time and again!

  59. My kitchen knows that I love carbs….and stand in front of the fridge with the doors open eating ice cream…quickly….so the kids don’t catch me!

  60. My kitchen would observe that I can’t start making something until the entire kitchen is completely clean!:)

  61. Jessica To says:

    My kitchen would learn that I need some cooking lessons!

  62. My kitchen is still laughing at me as I rotate everything in my oven so it cooks evenly…

  63. Mariana M says:

    My kitchen would realize how many recipes I collect and that I will never have enough time to ORGANIZE them and cook or bake them as much as I try to do so. The kitchen is always knowing that there will be new recipes arriving from my printer each day to be sorted through no matter what it thinks. What a delightful mess it is. This is the Life.

  64. If my kitchen studied me it would learn I am very organized until I start cooking, then disorganization becomes the norm.

  65. My kitchen has learned that for the past 20 years my entire family has referred to Thanksgiving as “Flying Turkey Day”. After being out way too late the night before, I had my entire family to my home for Thanksgiving. I put my turkey in a flimsy pan that was way too small anyway. When my best friend and I attempted to take it out of the gas oven, grease spilled out of the pan, causing a large fireball to singe my hair and catch her sweater on fire. The turkey, literally, flew out of the pan, rounded the island, and came to a big, greasy, halt at the sliding glass door, approximately 15 feet away.. My father, being the “fixer” that he is, picked up the turkey, rinsed it off, and we ate it. A “Flying Turkey Day” to remember!

  66. Judy Grieve says:

    My kitchen would see that I had 6 kids that gradually left the nest but now we have grown with spouses and 12 grand babies….it’s chaos when we all gather in my kitchen for a get together….but fun!

  67. My kitchen would learn that for my family, I cook in HUGE quantities, and it never lasts very long-so it all has to be made again the next day! Good thing I love to cook!

  68. Michelle B says:

    My kitchen would ask me if I didn’t like it anymore, since I do whatever I can to avoid cooking. :P

  69. My kitchen knows that I’m a clean as you go kind of cook! No messes for me and I show my love through my cooking!

  70. If my kitchen could study me it would learn that the kitchen is indeed the heart of the home. It would see that my gift to my family everyday is a good, delicious meal at the end of their day. It’s my gift to them to show them just how much I love them. My kitchen would learn also that you don’t have to have the biggest or the best in the way of a kitchen , just the love I have for cooking for others!

  71. That I’m a haphazard cook – I make mistakes when following recipes, I start then realize I don’t have all the right ingredients, etc.

  72. My kitchen would learn that while I will take calculated risks and I’ll milk all I can out of it, underneath it all, I like to play it safe.

  73. Paula Thorne-Ware says:

    If my kitchen could study me it would know that I tend to cook in large batches. Those batches are then transformed into another 2-3 meals with spice, seasonings & fresh herbs. I am constantly looking for new recipes to try & keep things fresh & exciting. A chicken will last for 3 days, done 3 ways…lol

  74. Jennifer B says:

    If my kitchen studied me it would know that I clean as I go while cooking–I hate cleaning up. And that a glass of wine is required when making dinner.

  75. Beth Ross says:

    My kitchen knows that since my husband and I look forward to our one meal a day (dinner) our appliances are crucial to having a relaxing, peaceful, and delicious end to our day!

  76. Joelle Platz says:

    My kitchen would learn I am much more of a crafter than a cook. Lots of craft supplies and works in progress and just a bit of cooking.

  77. terri silva says:

    My kitchen already knows that my ipad is my new recipe finder. Propped on my counter, it allows me to try new recipes in a flash!

  78. Naomi Beall says:

    If my kitchen studied me, it would learn that my two children are growing up fast and learning adult life skills in the kitchen. “Mad ninja knife skills” as my son says. But really, they are learning that all the best conversations happen here; all parties large, small and impromptu end up here, and really good friends know where the glasses are. My kitchen would see that my young adults are learning that cooking is more than filling a hole in the stomach, it is feeding the soul.

  79. My kitchen would learn that I love the time spent in it creating edibles for my family and that while I may leave it a total disaster at times I truly care! It would learn that it holds so much magic due to thae fact that it draws everyone in to meet and talk and learn! My kitchen is the most hung out place in our house!

  80. If my kitchen studied me, it would learn that I really do know how to cook, I just don’t like to cook now that my children have grown and moved out. Also, that I don’t mean to burn everything, I just get busy and lose track of time.

  81. If my kitchen could study me, it would see that I’m frequently joined by my dogs, Bonnie and Clyde, when I’m in the kitchen. The kitchen would hear me in deep conversation with them and see me giving them tastes of people food mixed in with their dog food. It would see them sitting at my feet between me and the stove or between me and the sink.

  82. After studying me, my kitchen would ask, “Why does she own thousands of recipes…and always cook the same thing?”

  83. If my kitchen could study me it would learn that there’s a lot more crafting going on in the kitchen than cooking.

  84. If my kitchen studied me, it would learn that I resent the time I spend cramped in there cooking from need instead of cooking for the love of it… I do have to say, I’d like to cook more if there was room to turn around in my kitchen…

  85. diane clavette says:

    My kitchen sees a “mad scientist”, mixing herbs, spices, clanging pots and pans conjuring up all sorts of culinary experiments.

  86. My stove would say that it never knows what to expect from me, or from my 17 year old daughter, who cooks as well. One day it might be crepes, the next melted chocolate for banana and peanut butter frozen treats, or a couple of hot dogs. The oven would be even more confused….one evening Middle Eastern cuisine, the next a pot roast. In closing, I would say that my stove is happy, but very confused, because he/she gets lots of attention, lots of action and love, but seldom has any idea what sort of food is headed it’s way!

  87. If my kitchen could study me, it would say that I LOVE to teach others to cook. I have had 11 exchange students and at least half of them have learned to cook or expanded their cooking abilities while living with me. My favorite things to cook are cookies!!

  88. marjorie b says:

    If my kitchen could study me, it would know that I appreciate all that it gives me and my family. It would know that I am proud of it and take special care to keep it clean. It would know that it is my favorite place to take a coffee break. My kitchen would know that I love to bake desserts for my girls and enjoy just sitting in it engulfed in the wonderful smells coming from my oven. If my kitchen could study me, it would know that I take pride in it and it would surely SMILE big! : )

  89. My kitchen would say “send her to cooking school!”. I have learned to always look in the oven before turning it on though. Once I had turned the oven on only to realize later that my husband had put the leftover pizza (still in box) in the oven. The whole thing caught on fire!!

  90. My kitchen would learn that I am happiest when baking and cooking for friends and family!

  91. Heather Seman says:

    My kitchen knows that while I usually decisive with color choices, it has me flumoxed as evidenced by the 5 colors painted on the walls!

  92. Lisa Brown says:

    my kitchen would learn I am a minimalist: I must have all small appliances put way, out of sight, and off the countertops.
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  93. Lisa Brown says:

    my tweet –
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  94. My kitchen knows that I love baking goodies more than cooking meals.

  95. Lynn Lloyd says:

    Good god…you are not cooking that again!!!!

  96. Ann Bacin says:

    My kitchen knws that I am a messy cook and thankfully, my husband does the dishes.

  97. Della Thompson says:

    My kitchen knows that we always end up congregating there, family and pets too. It’s our favorite room in the house.

  98. If my kitchen could study me, it would learn that my 13 year old daughter is a way better cook and baker than I am!!

  99. Is there any contest to win the oven? Mime is broken.

  100. My kitchen would wonder where I was and why the sink and the refrigerator get the most use..

  101. Marlene Daniels says:

    My kitchen would learn that I’m not afraid to try something new to cook, and that it loves me because I keep it clean.

  102. My kitchen would learn how experimental I am ! sometimes beyond extreme. But for the most part things turn out pretty darn good.

  103. Funny story! I think everyone has a few mishaps.
    I love to cook and create good food for the family.

  104. courtney b says:

    it would study a lot of khaos and a big mess from my kids and their friends!

  105. courtney b says:
  106. Perfect Ganesh says:

    My kitchen knows 3 pots & a tarka pan mean DESI DINNER tonight!

  107. My kitchen would learn to slow down, try to not do too many things at once and TURN THE HEAT DOWN on the stove or the broiler…so your dish does not get too black!

  108. pamela flanagan says:

    If my kitchen could study me it would say, “Get your husband to eat more vegetables. Man does not live by meat alone!”

  109. Susan Samuel says:

    My kitchen would say :- Why does she buy all those lovely, mouthwatering cookery books when not one of them ever makes it onto the stove.

  110. It would learn that I clean up as I go along cooking

  111. amy pugmire says:

    My kitchen would tell me to slow down that I do things too fast and have unnecessary spills. It would also learn that I am not organized and would organize everything for me :)

  112. amy pugmire says:
  113. Susan Smith says:

    My kitchen would learn I tend to cook the same meals. It’s not that I don’t like trying new dishes it’s that my kids are so picky.

  114. Susan Smith says:
  115. My kitchen would say “Why are you looking in the refrigerator?” when it knows I was looking for a pen.

  116. Susie Heller says:

    My kitchen loves my hard work and frugal decorating. I even painted the Puse Formica counters to look like Carrera Marble. Kitchen loves its eyes (windows) covered with great curtains. Walls are very happy with paint choice. However, my stove is embarrassed to say that its owner is a total drop out in the cooking department as are my mom and sister. Guess I missed the cooking gene.

  117. It would say it can hardly wait until the grandchildren are old enough to do their homework at the kitchen table while I make dinner, just like I did for their moms all those years ago.

  118. My kitchen knows I love to cook, but cleaning up after is not so much fun.

  119. Michelle Hudak says:

    It would learn I have no sense of timing. I can never seem to get dinner done at the same time and I overcook something almost every time. I also seem to leave a mess in my wake when I’m baking.

  120. Michelle Hudak says:
  121. Danielle T says:

    my kitchen would learn how much i hate using the oven

  122. If my kitchen were studying me (as opposed to I it) it would discern that I have a tendency to cook with what’s on hand and to improvise, that I don’t like waste and that while I like things put back in their proper places that I’m not that obsessed with it (really I’m not).

  123. If my kitchen could tell me something it would say why don’t you like doing the dishes and cleaning up as much as you like baking and cooking?

  124. My Kitchen would say- hey- are you going to mop up after you finish canning those Peaches?!

  125. Susan Rall says:

    My Kitchen would say – hey isn’t it about time your five daughters cooked you dinner?

  126. Rosemary Paul says:

    My kitchen knows there is not a bread recipe that I am not afraid to try. I love making pastries. I like making cakes (not the Wilson frosted kind) and pies, but pastries can be not only fun to design recipes for, they can be beautiful to look at. We have tea at our house, usually every day between 4-5 PM (We prefer to have late suppers) and I love to have little tea cakes or mini pastries for tea.
    My kitchen knows it is loved as I am constantly in it either inventing a new recipe, fine tuning an old one or making the kitchen sparkle.

  127. My tiny kitchen and I have a very “close” relationship with all that we cook together. And when another family member comes between us, there’s just no room for a third wheel! My kitchen notices that I love to cook, bake, sauté, simmer, just about anything, from scratch. My tiny kitchen knows my weaknesses to sweets and to fabulous baked goods. My kitchen however is old and ready for a “spa” makeover, but knows that one is not in the near future. My kitchen could learn from me that some of the best life memorable moments happen in the kitchen. Actually I think it already knows this, but always gives me the upper hand, my tiny kitchen and I.

  128. My cute lil kitchen would say that I love baking way more than cooking. Although, I do like to cook a good supper, I would much rather bake a 3 layered chocolate cake, some yummy chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies, a delish apple and/or cherry pie… or 2, and lets not forget cupcakes! My kitchen would say that I love to fill my home with all kinds of scrumptious smells and that even though I make jewelry and other crafty stuff… deep down I’m really a baker at heart. :)

  129. Cynthia C says:

    It would learn that I like to snack a lot!

  130. Cynthia C says:
  131. Margaret Smith says:

    It would learn that I’m not the best of cooks and like to make simple meals.

  132. It would learn that I am pretty ambitious, but I can’t achieve most of what I want to do in there.

  133. Jessie C. says:

    My kitchen would learn I have a great collection of recipes.
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  134. Jessie C. says:


  135. My kitchen would learn how much I hate to clean up my messes after cooking!
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  137. Suzanne K says:

    If my kitchen could study me, it would learn how to cook for itself (in self defense of course!)

  138. My kitchen knows I am a terrible cook… although I can bake a great cake! I purchased all new appliances in our home as it had NONE when we bought it, as it needed everything I couldn’t get my dream appliances! Someday maybe!

  139. mickeyfan says:

    Mine would learn that I need functional, stylish and yet easy to clean. Just like my new GE appliances in Slate!

  140. it would learn that I need to improve my skills!

  141. My kitchen would learn its amazing I get anything done given the fact I have two young sons who like to cause chaos when I cook.

  142. That I love making breakfast recipes! Bread, scones, muffins…you name it.

  143. Terry Krosbakken says:

    I don’t have my own kitchen at the present time; I use my mother’s kitchen and it drives me crazy. Everything is old and the stove only works part of the time. I love to cook but like to have equipment that works as well as good cooking utensils and pots, pans, etc. This kitchen know that I am dying to get out of here and have my own kitchen to experiment once again.

  144. Stephanie Foster says:

    If I attempted to cook, my kitchen would simply ask “who is this person and what is she attempting to do in this room of the house?” My husband does the cooking, and I do the cleaning…so I assume my kitchen would be thankful for me as I keep it clean.

  145. Wild Orchid says:

    If my kitchen studied me it would learn that I am NOT good about cleaning the fridge out often enough!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  146. Wild Orchid says:


  147. it would learn that i enjoy cooking but not cleaning up the mess afterwards

  148. It would learn that while I don’t enjoy the drudgery of day to day cooking, I do whip up a really nice meal and my real passion is baking.

  149. Debra Ford says:

    My kitchen would find out how much I enjoy creating great flavors in my meals.

  150. My kitchen would learn that I’m a bit of a slob! But, it would also learn a lot about my kids since they are spending more and more time with chores in the kitchen to help me out!

  151. If my kitchen studied me, it would learn that I love to cook, but that I Iove baking even more so! It would also learn that I love to cook for my family, but if I don’t have them to cook for, I don’t usually cook then.

  152. If my kitchen could study me, it would learn that I need to cook more often. That kitchen gets pretty lonely sometimes!

  153. My kitchen would learn that at 82 I don’t really cook anymore and my daughter does it all!

  154. My kitchen would learn that we fight over who gets to clean it.

  155. It would probably learn how to order the $7.99 1-topping pizza carry-out special from our local pizzeria.

  156. it would learn i like to try new recipes!

  157. It would learn that, with two little kids, I need all the ease and quickness in the kitchen I can get! :)


  158. If my kitchen could study me it would learn that I burn myself every time I am cooking in a hurry and end up taking longer because I have to treat my “injury”

  159. i love to cook but hate to wash dishes

  160. Rebeccar Graham says:

    It would learn that I can’t cook without a recipe.

  161. Janice Cooper says:

    That I’m a lazy cook and need to do a deep cleaning more often

  162. Janice Cooper says:
  163. What a fun question and awesome giveaway! :) If my kitchen could study me, it would learn that I’m a multi-tasker. I love to do a few things all at once! ;) yup, very efficient and the GE Appliances sound perfect for me!

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  164. maria cantu says:

    It would learn I am a very disorganized person.

  165. how much of a basketcase i am

  166. My kitchen would learn Im a horrible cook but good baker

  167. My kitchen would learn that I’m a very messy cook :)

    mjf926 at gmail dot com

  168. My Kitchen would tell me that I’m OCD

  169. My kitchen would learn that I can’t keep My kitchen clean

  170. My kitchen already knows that I am messy in all matters of my life including cooking. But if my kitchen studied me it would know that I am actually quite organized within my mess and that I (almost) always clean up after myself. Thanks for the neat giveaway! Love reading the responses!

  171. My kitchen would learn that although I was a very good cook when I had family at home, now that I’m alone my cooking skills are almost non-existent.

  172. It would learn that I make the same meals over and over and over because I hate to cook and am lazy. LOL

  173. It would learn I’m not a great cook but I really love food.

  174. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    My kitchen would know that it isnt my favorite place to be!

  175. Amanda Sakovitz says:
  176. That I will throw a stouffers dinner in the oven real quick before cooking a complete dinner

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  177. tweet
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  178. Thomas Murphy says:

    My kitchen would learn I am very clean and organized.

  179. Thomas Murphy says:
  180. My kitchen would say: After cooking for 50 years, you’d think she’d learn to clean up as she goes instead of leaving it all for afterwords.
    Thanks for the contest.

  181. If your kitchen could study me, it would learn that I tend to be a slob and thats why I love my dishwasher!

  182. My kitchen would learn my favorite foods (ie: anything mexican) so that it can cook me dinner!

  183. It would learn that I use organic ingredients, use unprocessed food, and make my meals from scratch.

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