Homemade Christmas Decorations – Snowflake Blocks

Hey there Graphics Fairy lovers, this is Andrea from The Cottage Market, and I am so happy to be here with you today!  I have a nice and easy seasonal craft that I think you will enjoy.  Not much fuss…not much muss…but the end result is fun! These little decorative snowflake blocks are like potato chips…you can’t just make one…the more the merrier.  The Graphics Fairy has the snowflakes you need right herehere and here!  Just size them the size you need to create your blocks or anything else you would like to paint them on!

Homemade Christmas Decorations

First you will want to take your cut blocks…sand them and paint them the color of your choice.


Trim your snowflake so you can easily place it on your painted block.


Yes…it is time for a little Old School Method…the graphite pencil rub!


Place your graphite rubbed snowflake right where you want it on the block and take a sharpened pencil and press firmly and trace the snowflake onto the block.  If you do more than one…just give a fresh graphite rub each time.


Then with a very thin brush…I am using a triple 0 ….carefully paint the lines of the snowflake in the color or colors of your choice.  I am fond of white : )  As you get the basic snowflake down you can then add different embellishments…extra lines…dots and whatever your imagination tells you to do.  Snowflakes are ALL different…each unique…so why not add a little uniqueness to each.  Once you make 2 or 3 it comes really naturally.


They are fun to make and fun to use!  Stack them…line them up…drill holes in them and suspend them!


Use them to perk up a bookshelf!


Group them together for a fun vignette!


Whatever you decide to decorate or create…it will be fabulous and fun!  Thanks to the Graphics Fairy and her magical bag of graphics.  It seems like it is endless…that is so wonderful for us because we will never run out of things to create.


You can add these snowflakes with this technique to just about anything…ornaments…tote bags…gift bags and more!  Hope you have fun and enjoy!  I will see you before the big day with another little creation…but if you would like to visit me…I am always hanging out at The Cottage Market and would love to see you. Thank you once again Karen for inviting me to share here at the wonderful world of Graphics!


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  1. Very cute! If I have the time I may just have to make a few or those…but wait…they aren’t Christmas-y, but wintery…so it’s one of those crafts that can be done AFTER the holidays… I just would like to make one suggestion – paint markers would work well for this project…they are a little on the expensive side though…but no paint mess…

  2. Beautiful project!

  3. karen medlin says:

    Very creative, I am in awe on all your projects.!

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