Live Hometalk Event – Techniques for Transferring Graphics

Live Hometalk Event - Techniques for Transferring Graphics  //  The Graphics Fairy

I’ve got a fun event coming up next week, I’ll be doing a Live Video presentation with Hometalk about Transfer Techniques! The event will take place on Tuesday November 27th at 3 PM Eastern Time.

 I have to say I can hardly believe that I’m doing another video and another live one at that! I’ve always thought of myself as a “behind the scenes kind of girl”, but things are changing in blogland and I’m trying to keep up with the times. Now that I’m starting to get over my nervousness about the whole thing, I’m starting to have fun with it. I hope you’ll join me on Tuesday, I think you will enjoy it and I would love the moral support! haha! It will be shown HERE and I’ll be posting it on my Graphics Fairy Blog too.


  1. congratulations! you’re doing a great job! thanks for all your posts I just love!!!!

  2. Congrats Karen! I am seeing your graphics all over in blog land…and I have to admit I get a little goosebumpy (is that even a word?) whenever I get an email that you have a new post. I can’t wait to see what great graphic, project or tutorial you have today! Keep up the great work…and go get ’em girl!
    Crafty Hugs,

  3. Karen, you are so talented.I have been a follower for only 2 or so months, and I am so impressed with you!
    I will still be at work when you have your live presentation. Will I be able to access your presentation later in the day?

    • Hi Pat,
      Yes, you can still see it after the fact! I’ll be posting it over here, so you can see it whenever it’s convenient for you. And thank you so much for your very kind comment!

  4. Hi Karen,

    I love your site but am unsure as to how to watch your video on Nov. 27th regarding your transfer technique which I would love to see.
    Please let me know how to view it as I’m kinda new to this blogging thing.
    K. Harris

    • Hi K,
      If you click on the link above, just a few minutes before the video starts, you should see it there. Since it’s live we can’t post it yet, I know it’s a little confusing, we are all just figuring out how to work all of this! Also, if I’m able to, I will try to post a live link on my Graphics Fairy blog too. I hope you can make it!

  5. yay! You will be great Karen, when I feel nervous I try to flip that intense energy feeling into excitement… it works :)

  6. Can’t wait, Karen! Thank you so much for sharing your tips with us! :)

  7. How exciting! Congrats Karen! I just love all of your graphics and have used several on some of my projects. I’ll post them on my blog soon. :)
    I will be watching on the 27th!!

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