Looking Back & Top 10 Posts of 2012

Well another year has come to a close! This was a year full of changes for me….

In 2012….  I went to Harley Davidson Summer Camp, via Blogher, and rode on a Motorcycle for the first time, and even got a lesson from these kind and patient ladies. I closed out my beloved Antique space at Lucketts Store, after 10 years, in order to blog Full Time. I attended 2 blog conferences and made some amazing friends, and even met some famous celebrities. I received mentions in multiple national magazines. I was picked by Sherwin Williams to redecorate, and blog about, my Living Room. I created my first video, and then I participated in my first LIVE video, and several more after that. For someone that has always had a fear of driving, flying, traveling, public speaking, and anything to do with change… well this year has been huge for me!  And, oh yeah… just a couple of weeks ago I turned 50. I remember Oprah saying that the 50’s are amazing and now I’m pretty sure she’s right. I can hardly wait to see what next year brings!

12 Easy Image Transfer Methods

 These were the most popular posts for the year, although some of them are from the year before. I’ve split them up into 5 projects/articles and 5 printables. Just click on the title under each photo to view them.

Freezer Paper Transfer & Paris Address Printable

Union Jack Pillow Project & Printable

French Sign Project & Printable

Cafe Towel Project & Printable

Patisserie Typography Printable
French Bee with Wreath Printable

Fabrique Paris Printable

Paris Ephemera Printable

French Wine Printable

Blessings and hugs to all of you that read my blogs, and find ways to use my graphics in your projects. I’m so grateful for your support, your lovely comments, and the projects that you share. You all inspire me to keep at this every day. When I’m out on a buying trip, or even when I’m creating a project, I have all of you in mind. It’s exciting for me to find something wonderful to add to my collection, but it’s even more exciting for me to share it with you guys, and then to see what you all come up with for those finds, or when you recreate one of my projects… well that’s the most satisfying of all! I hope you all had a wonderful 2012 and I hope you’ll have an even better 2013!!



  1. What a great year you had ~ thanks so much for sharing and here’s to an even bigger and better 2013 for/to you!

    xoxo, mary beth

  2. Wow–you really did have an amazing year! May 2013 be a continuation of good experiences for you. Thank you for all your hard work; I love reading your creative, inspirational ideas.

  3. 50? AMAZING!!! You look 20! Congratulations on a year well spent. Thank-you for giving me many gifts this past year. I am always getting compliments on the many graphics I use for my business and I say…The Graphics Fairy… Blessings to you in 2013.

    • Thanks Anita!! Just so you know, you are officially my new best friend! haha! I really appreciate you spreading the word about my site, that’s so sweet of you! xoxo

  4. Sounds like a great and exciting year. I’m very happy I found your blog this past year. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Happy New Year!!

  5. Come and pick me up from the floor….50? No way, I agree with Anita you look 20! Wishing you tons of amazing experiences in 2013.


  6. Bonjour Karen,
    Belle et Douce Année 2013, et merci de partager tant de choses avec nous… C’est que du bonheur de te lire chaque fois…A bientôt, Mireille.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dear Karen,
    an odd thing happened to me when I read this post. I love your site and I look at it every day and it gives me happiness and I am always inspired…..but It is like looking into a window into a world I only dream about. Some times I imagine what it must be like to be you.But today when I read your post I cried….big sobs.I had no idea we were almost the same age.You are really the type of person I have always dreamt I could be….but I never made it and I’m wondering if I have time.

    I have Aspergers and although inside I am warm and loving and friendly people don’t see it.I have always wanted a friend…particularly someone to create with. I make lots of beautiful things and then I carefully place them in a draw. I have 2 sons with Aspergers too (but one has very serious disabilities too)and because they are treated so cruelly at school they are always being sent home so I can’t keep a job as I must be there for them so we are very poor. I’m always telling my boys we are rich in love but sometimes( although we are thankful for what we have ) the struggle seems overwhelming.

    At times like that I visit your site and I make and create and feel joy as if I am part of your warm circle….but today reality kicked in. I looked at the photo of you (and my goodness how beautiful you are ,with your warm kind goodness giving you such a special glow it shines all the way out through your photo)and I felt suddenly with a sharp pang that I would always be at the edges of life looking in and dreaming about being part of it but never ever getting there.I wish with all my heart I knew someone as nice as you personally.

    So I grabbed a box of hankies and trawled through your site and became awed and inspired in a BIG way and I blew my nose and dried my tears and thought about what you said about turning 50 and I thought I would give it one really big last shot so that 2013 might just be the year someone notices my art and craft and maybe I might make a friend and I will go on that diet. I decided that instead of being disheartened I would feel encouraged.I admire you so much !

    Come what may the graphics fairy will always deliver *magic* into my life and for that I am so THANKFUL !It might sound silly but I don’t feel so alone when I visit here. My name is Cassandra and I want to say thank you for everything you do.

    • Oh my goodness Cassandra, I am so touched by your beautiful comment!! My son has Aspergers too, so I understand a bit about how you feel. I would definitely encourage you to start a blog, if you do it on blogger it’s free and it’s so easy. You can share photos of your art and craft projects and I’m sure you will make friends! That’s what is so wonderful about the blog world, like minded people can find each other, and bond over the things that they are passionate about, as well as become a support system for each other. And let me just say that 50 is absolutely not too late!! Have you heard of Louise Hay? She started her own publishing company when she was almost 60. She is in her mid 80’s now and that company is super successful, and she is still going strong… traveling around the world and giving lectures and writing new books every year, as well as running her company. I would encourage you to read her book “You can Heal Your Life”, you should be able to get it at your local library and it is hugely motivational. Louise is the Queen of positive affirmations and her books are life changing! They have done so much for me, I can’t even begin to tell you! Thank you so much for your lovely heartfelt comment sweet friend, it meant so much to me to read it! And if you do start a blog, please let me know, I would love to announce it on Facebook and send some people your way, so that they can enjoy your wonderful creations. If you craft as beautifully as you write, then I’m sure they must be wonderful!

  8. Karen
    what a wonderful year you have had.Where are the blog conferences you went to.. Harley lessons sounds so fun..


  9. Hi Karen! Happy new 2013 and I wish you all that you wish yourself! You’ve been an inspiration and a great helpmate this year as I have been growing my vintage business – http://www.ilovemyhomeblog.blogspot.co.uk – and I know this will continue!
    Health, peace and happiness to you and your family, Kerry from I Love My Home

  10. Karen, Happy New Year and Happy 50!! You certainly don’t look it! Thank you for all of the fun images and inspiration you share.

    And to Cassandra above, I would like to encourage you to step out there and show us your beautiful work! I am going to put your name on a card and keep you in my daily prayers. Think about that each day and draw on the strength being sent your way. With love, Cathy

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hello it is Cassandra and I did see this !!!!I have tears in my eyes again but the good kind ! Thank you so much Karen and Cathy.Your kindness means so much to me.I will treasure your words.

    Karen, your son is so lucky to have YOU as a mom.Any body would be blessed to call you “mom” but having Aspergers he is extra lucky !!!

    When I was young I was known as “that weird kid” and When I was older I became “that weird lady”. It made me sad and I withdrew into my own world of art.I thought that marrying somebody would make me normal and people would accept me.I did not use good judgement and ended up marrying someone who was scary, brutal and violent. He was very powerful and respected in the community and that made it worse. In private he would tell me he married me because he knew I would be his slave and that I would be fun to abuse and nobody would believe the crazy lady (me) .He also informed me he was angry and embarressed and furious at marrying me and that his friends were dissapointed in him . He forbade me from doing any art or craft and would destroy anything I made.

    But I had a little core of light in me that would not go out. When my babies came I fought like a tiger to protect them and took many blows in their stead. He would shout at us “I own you. You are mine”.

    Finally we escaped.I moved far away. I found a man with Aspergers . He was quiet and shy and gentle. He liked music and stars and sea-shells and he loved my art.We have each other but we are now known as the “weird family”. It puzzles me because in my head we are the “nice family”. The 4 of us dream of having friends. I imagine being asked to a dinner .I wonder if it will ever happen. I wish my sons could have gone to a birthday party.

    We live in Australia which is far-far-away. We live between the mountains and the sea. On one side eagles spread their wings over tall trees with rustling leaves and on the other sea-gulls dip and soar and screech as they skim the waves.When I feel very lonely I take in all the beauty around me like a drink for the soul and feel restored.

    I will take on your advice. Maybe my art can be a door into the real world and I can stop looking through the window and wondering. I’m just a bit afraid to take that first step.

    Thank you Cathy and Karen for caring, for listening, hearing and feeling.I think that is the hardest thing for people with Aspergers. We DO have all the right feelings in our hearts,sometimes even more of them but somehow how it comes out the wrong way! Thank you for taking the time to *see* me and I will indeed take strength from your kindness.

    Lots of love from across the sea,

    • Oh my goodness Cassandra, thank you for sharing your story. Every time you write, I am blown away by your talent for words! If you read through more of these comments, you will see that you already have some fans!! I’m so glad you were able to get out of your first marriage, (I had a very bad first marriage too), and find someone that loves you for who you are. It sounds so lovely where you live, I dream about living by the sea some day! And although you are far away from me, I do have lots of readers in Australia and I’m sure you will too, hopefully you will find some that live near you that you can meet up with from time to time. xoxo

  12. Karen, You are a gorgeous fifty!

    And I can tell anyone who reads this post that Karen is even more beautiful in person! Karen does shine with a light for all to see. It is no surprise that she is finding such success with her passion for vintage images.

    A note to Cassandra: You are also a light to the world. I too have lived within an abusive relationship in the past, and had to move my children away to a secret location. So I know the sadness of the situation. Give yourself a big hug for being brave enough to leave, because you love your children so much! I want to give you hope, and tell you that I was fifty when I met my current husband. He is the kindest most loving man I have ever encountered. Life began again when we came together. After that I became very ill for a number of years. He was right there taking care of me. Then I found that most of my problems stemmed from my poor diet choices. I have started a food blog to help others become well, and lose weight by eating properly. If you want to learn a new way of eating that does not require paying anyone for the information, just stop by my blog and read the “Get Started” page. Have a wonderful New Year of a New You!



    • Thank you so much for that Crystal, you are such a sweet friend! I’m so glad you responded to Cassandra too, and I agree your blog would be very helpful to her, and to everyone else too actually!

  13. Hi Karen…..I thought that you have my daughter’s age (about 35).You look like a young, fresh and delicate girl really. I Knew that you are a woman with a low profile with quiet manners, watching your videos. But above all, I am sure that you are a very romantic and sensitive person, who loves vintage things like I am. Thank you very much for the images you select for our creations. I have been helped too much…Thank you for your offer…I have made some works inspired by your images and I am going to send you some photos when I am ready to post them on my blog…. in order to post them on Brag Monday….ha ha ha. Have a happy and creative New Year. Love and Kisses Helen…from Athens Greece.

    • Hi Helen,
      Thank you so much for the lovely compliment! It sounds like we are a lot alike! I can’t wait to see what you made and I would be thrilled if you would join us for Brag Monday! Once you have your post up, all you have to do is enter your link to the bottom of my Brag Monday post, and then add your photo, it’s very easy! You can enter your link anytime between Monday morning (7 AM Eastern time) and Wednesday morning (9 AM Eastern time), after that it closes until the next one starts. xoxo

  14. Hi Karen, I too find your blog inspiring. Have a wonderful 2013. I hope you don’t mind if I use your blog to respond to Cassandra.

    Cassandra, You are inspiring and don’t even know it. I rarely ever post a comment because I hate writing but here I go. You have a kind heart and anyone would be blessed to have you for a friend. I hope you do start blogging. I agree with Karen you write beautifully. Would love to see some of you art work too!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I want to say thank you to Crystal, Cathy, Cheri and Karen. It is incredible but true that words, even when written rather than spoken can cross the whole world and touch another person.

    I felt warm when I read your comments the way I remember feeling when my grandmothers velvety cheek pressed against mine when I was a child. I felt hope.

    Hope can be lost so quickly without you even knowing at first. It can slip from your heart like an autumn leaf in the wind blown hither and thither until it rests crumpled and brown out of sight.You can search for hope but like the autumn leaf it will fade from sight and without it you are lost….all it takes is the kindness of strangers to restore spring in your soul and hope can unfurl its tender buds inside your empty heart like a small flower.

    Maybe in 2013 I can grow a garden in my heart.
    Thank you all for sewing the seeds…love to you all from Cassandra

  16. Happy New Years and Happy Birthday! They say that happy people do what they love and look younger too. You are a great example and thanks to you, many are living their dreams with your blog images. I still can’t believe you are 50! Wow! Katharine

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