Old Photo Back To School – Children

Old Photo Back to School Children

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Old Photo Back to School – Children

Here we have a fantastic Old Photo of some School Children, just in time to use for your Back to School Projects or posts!! This is such an interesting picture, if you enlarge this you can see the expressions on their faces. Many of the boys are smirking or fidgeting, some of them are blurry from moving around. The girls however have such somber expressions on their faces and are sitting quietly, with their hands folded neatly. The school teacher looks quite young and you can see some pictures of Abe Lincoln on the wall next to her. I love the sepia tones on this one, I hope you like it too!


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  1. Ninteen boys and eight or nine girls! Oooh Geeze!
    I wonder how the school year went for the teacher?
    What a lovely photo to find and post Karen.
    Thanks ever so!

  2. The funny thing about this photo is I went to a school in 5th grade that still had these desks, although they took them out at the end of that year. This photo makes me feel oldoldold. The boys in shirts and ties, nearly everyone with their hands folded on their desks. Looks like the teacher has them under control, but you’re right, Laurie, it must have been a challenge. My father remembers dipping girls’ pigtails in his inkwell. Imagine having kids dressed in white shirts and dresses use pen and ink everyday.

  3. What a wonderful photo! The poor teacher looks a bit overwhelmed, probably because of all those mischievous-looking boys–which could also explain why the girls look so serious! Thank you for this gem, Karen.: ) xoxo

  4. Great pic! A large class they had back then. You can almost pick out each boy and tell what he grew up to be. :) (This one’s the charmer, this one owns a small neighborhood store, this one’s a banker, …etc.) Thank you!

  5. Do you have any idea when/where this was taken?

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