Opening a New Door – We bought a new House!

We bought a New House We’ve had some big changes around here lately! Recently my husband and I bought a new house!! And when I say recently, we just moved in a week ago, so yes veeery recent!

Even though I will miss my fabulous kitchen in my old house, we are so excited about this move. For years we have wanted to move closer to the city. The little rural town that we lived in was a great place to raise a family, but now that the kids are grown, and we are no longer tied to a particular school district…. we are really excited about this next phase of our lives! My husband has been commuting an hour and a half each way to work for over 15 years, his commute is less than half of that now, which means more leisure time for him and more together time for us. For the first time in our married lives, we finally live near restaurants, shops, movie theaters, coffee shops and so much more!

When we got married, we each had two kids from our previous marriages, so we started out together with a full family, since all of the kids lived with us full time. For years we have looked forward to a time when we could do things together just the two of us, and now that time is finally here, we are going to be taking full advantage of all that this new area has to offer! No empty nest syndrome here! We are opening a New Door and jumping right on through it! I’m looking forward to spontaneous dinners out, shopping at the local barn sales (there are quite a few around here!), going to the movies on a rainy Saturday, hopping on the train to D.C. to check out the Museums and Galleries, and going to the various local festivals! Of course we’ll be spending lots of time decorating our new house too, (I’ll be sharing lots of photos soon, so stay tuned for that!) and everything that we need, paint, hardware, lumber etc., is now just a hop, skip and a jump away! We’ve only been here a week but I feel different somehow. I think a move can do that for you, it’s like a fresh start. I feel a little lighter and freer and I’m looking forward to many happy years in our new home.

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  1. You enjoy what what you have worked unconditionally for. I am looking forward to seeing what adventures happen next…..

  2. Congratulations on a new house and an exciting new phase of your life. We are in the process of moving- into a camper! Until we find our next home, that is. We are looking to do just the opposite of you, though. Moving from Atlanta area, to out-in-the-country living in SC. Should be interesting. :)

    • Karen Watson says:

      Thanks Sheila! Good luck finding the perfect home! SC seems like such a nice place to live, I envy the milder Winters that you guys have down South!

  3. What an exciting time, Karen! You don’t look old enough to have grown kids!

  4. You do NOT look like the Mother of grown kids! You look fabulous and ready to begin your new adventure. Enjoy the time, just you and your husband…it has been a great time for us. We’ve developed a whole new “best friendship” within our marriage. We are (suddenly) now entering the grandparent phase, seems like it arrived awfully soon, but oh, are those babies sweet and precious. Congratulations on your new home, may your lives be blessed with love and sweetness.

    • Karen Watson says:

      Thank you so much Judy!! You are the sweetest! I’m glad to hear that you and your husband are enjoying this stage in your lives as well! And thanks for the blessing, it’s very much appreciated!

  5. How exciting for you!! Let’s hope your nest stays empty long enough to enjoy it.

    • Karen Watson says:

      So true Dolores! Our nest has a bit of a revolving door on it! That’s okay though, we want to be there for our kids should they need it, and at least they don’t require much work on our part!

  6. Karen – Congratulations to You and your Husband on your new home – and exciting adventure! Looking forward to more photos.

  7. Congratulations on your new home..!

  8. Annie Spackman says:

    So happy for you and your husband! Congratulations Karen!!!!!

  9. Peggy L says:

    That is so awesome for you guys. Can I make a recommendation. Take a photo of your house, slightly from the side and send it to me and I’ll be happy to send a pretty watercolor back. It can be from an ipad – those work well. I add a border and a few bits – its a nice keepsake. Thanks for sharing all your images!

  10. nikki johnson says:

    Good for you! Congratulations! My hubbie and I had always lived at least an hour away from anything interesting and 5 years ago we moved SO CLOSE to everything. We feel like little kids. It doesn’t take a day to get lumber or groceries or anything we could want. That is an amazing feeling! We can’t believe we put up with that inconvenience all those years! He also had an hour commute each way to/from work for over 15 years. We’d had enough. Now, though, we also realize we’re sick of winter, so we’re moving south. We’re moving next Friday. eeek! We’re going from IN to FL, so we’re super excited. It’ll be the first time in our lives we’re not scared of winter coming :) We’ll still be in an area close to everything, so we’re really looking forward to it. I just LOVE your graphics site and thank you so much for helping me make my home (all of them over the years) a more beautiful place to live. I don’t know what I’d do without you!! You are awesome!

    • Karen Watson says:

      Thanks Nikki!! It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes having things close by and not having to plan going to the city around rush hour traffic, every time I need some craft supplies! I hear you on the cold weather! My husband doesn’t like hot weather though, so I think we’ll be staying put. But living someplace warm and sunny year round, certainly appeals to me! I hope your move to FL brings you lots of fun in the sun!!

  11. How exciting. Having driven in extreme traffic coming from Southern California, I know that is a life changer. Good for you both! Skip right over that empty nest time and just spread those wings and embrace the changes!! So happy for you. And of course I can not wait to see the inside.. and what you do :))) Hugs ~Shanon

  12. Laura Strack says:

    Oh Karen, so happy for you and your Hubbie. I can’t believe he drove so far for so long and all so that the kids could attend a more favored school district. He’s a great Dad and a Keeper, too. You will enjoy buying a hamburger and fries and when you get home the food is still warm. Lol. Enjoy your new home and I look forward to all the pretty new décor and projects to come. I’m sure your mind is racing, trying to decide which ones to start first. Big Hugs, Laura

  13. Karen,
    I know how exciting change can be and how tiring, but rewarding, unpacking and getting settled in a new house can be. A year ago we moved from Maryland to Tennessee. I also had a 1.5 hour twice-a-day commute into and out of DC, so as soon as I retired, we headed south to “calmer” country. :-)
    We’re still making changes on our house. I told about how we changed the look of the front of our house on my blog at Your façade looks beautiful, so it doesn’t look like you’ll have to do as we did.
    Good luck with the unpacking!
    Sue P.

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