Painted Metal Mermaid Necklace Tutorial

Painted Metal Mermaid Necklace Tutorial

Ahoy everybody!  Candie Cooper here with a tutorial to show how to paint a metal bezel frame!  This technique really enhances your framed image as well as makes the piece truly your own.  Have fun!Painted Metal Pendant Tutorial by Candie Cooper on The Graphics Fairy Mermaids are so magical!  Check out this image I used from the also magical Graphics Fairy!  For image pendants like this, I love using shallow bezel frames.  You could also use deeper frames if you want to pour resin on top. What paint to use on metal jewelry   This is the metal paint to use!  It’s Ranger/Vintaj Patina for all metals.  You can find it in the jewelry making section of the craft store.  It leaves the metal with an enamel like finish and dries fast.  That’s why I like it (you know, in case you wondered!). Painting a metal bezel frame   Paint the edge of the frame with a paint brush in your favorite colors.  You can blend them or use them straight out of the bottles.Sand away paint with an emery board When the paint is dry, use an emery board to remove the top layer.  See how it brings the design out?  I <3 zig zags and dots!  Especially in teal and mint green!  Yum!How to Make a Bezel Frame Pattern Here’s an easy way to make a pattern for the inside frame:  grab some wax paper, lay it on top of the frame and run your finger nail around the inner edge.  Voi la!  A perfect pattern awaits.Cutting out a bezel frame image Cut out the wax paper pattern and slide the oval shape around until you see an area you’d like framed.Cutting out a bezel image perfectly Cut out the mermaid image.  Are you getting excited yet?  We are almost finished!Matte Mod Podge Pendant Paint a coat of Mod Podge Matte (or Gloss) inside the bezel frame.Seal paper with Mod Podge Lay the image inside and seal with one or two coats of the Mod Podge.  Set aside to dry (like 3 minutes) and carry on!How to open a jump ring Open a jump ring from side to side and thread it through the loop at the top.  Close the ring.Candie Cooper Mermaid Pendant String it on a piece of leather and enjoy!  Can you tell I like finding shells and photographing the necklace on them?  Candie Cooper with Mermaid Pendant Tutorial The beauty of one long piece of leather is that it can easily be tied in a bow to whatever length you like.  Perfect for new jewelry makers!Mermaid pendant

Ready to make your own version?

Candie Cooper Bohemian Bezel Frame

Visit my Etsy shop to pick up a bezel of your own!  Thanks in advance for visiting <3!DIY Jewelry Making Boho Bead and Chain Necklace tutorial


Or in the mood to learn a new jewelry making technique?!  Check out this tutorial on my blog.  Thanks again for reading!

Have a happy day!



  1. Oh wow, I am loving this! I think I need to take a trip to Hobby Lobby this week:)

  2. Laura Strack says:

    Candy, Your mermaid is so pretty! Great tutorial. Could or would you add Ice Resin to this bezel, even though it’s shallow? I love the look of resin and glitter but I’m a rookie and I’m not sure if I would want to take a chance on ruining my bezel. Thanks so much.

    • You certainly could Laura! A little dab of resin will do ya so it might be great to do a few at a time. I think it’s hard to mix small batches of resin. Have fun!

  3. Love Love Love!! THANKS for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the love Jenny and Victoria! <3

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