Transfer Printable – Vintage French Typography – Angels

Click HERE for the Full Size Printable PDF

(This one is suitable for printing directly on fabric, for decoupage etc.)

Click HERE for the Full Size Printable PDF
(Use this image when you need a reverse image for transfer projects, as with Iron on Transfers or Citra Solv transfers etc.)
Here’s my latest French Transfer printable for you! This is some old French Advertising, circa 1913. This one isn’t Christmas per say, but I thought the beautiful Angels and the red color, were perfect for your Holiday Projects! These have been enlarged so that you can use them for your DIY projects, like pillows, towels, signs or even furniture pieces! I’ve included 2 versions of each one. Each version has a front facing option, suitable for decoupage or Mod Podge, or printing directly on fabric, and also a Reverse option, that can be used for Iron Transfers or Citra Solve Transfers. I hope you enjoy them!!


  1. Thank you very much for sharing this nice label !
    Mirevan from Chambéry

  2. I love this graphic… maybe because my name is Jacque.. thanks so much for your talent and willingness to share.

  3. Thanks Karen! As soon as I saw it I thought about how cute towels would be with this graphic. And then you put that in your post. :)

    Have a great day.

  4. Was searching for vintage food pictures for some mason jars for christmas gifts when i found your page! And this will be SO perfect to print and transfer on a few crappy restaurant chairs that I had to buy in order to get the good chairs that i wanted! The idea to distress the chairs and then put this on them came in to my head the moment i saw them…thank you thank you thank you!Maybe one day i will make it on bragmonday….

  5. Thank you everyone! I’m so happy that you like this one as much as I do!!

    Xintchef, Yes, be sure and link up if you use this on the chairs. I would love to see it!!

  6. Thank you so much! This is wonderful!

  7. Hi Karen,
    you are really an artist. Thank you so much for sharing your work with us each day again. Every time again it´s like a great never ending story to visit your blog!
    Greetings from North-Germany

  8. I really like this. Shabby Chic is certainly a type of Feng
    Shui, giving a stress free, soft and feminine feel.
    A very loving way of decorating making people want to come in and relax,
    because of this it can also be known as the cottage feel.

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