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Vintage Images Empty Nest

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Vintage Images Empty Nest

Vintage Images Empty Nest Brown

Here are some wonderful Vintage Images of an Empty Nest!  I had a recent request for this one, and I thought it might be useful for the rest of you as well. I often post graphics of Nests with Egg them, but I guess I have never posted one that was empty. So here it is! This one comes from an Early Natural History book in my collection. It’s an engraving of an Amethyst Humming-bird Nest. I’m guessing it’s probably pretty tiny in real life! The original is the black and white image, but I’ve also created a brown and white version, as well as a reverse brown and white one. I hope you like them!


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  1. Just curious…what would a person use the reverse image for, the last one? Thanks for enlightening me!

    • Karen Watson says:

      Hi Andrea, It’s just a different sort of look. These reverse prints are quite popular now, but you can use them for the same types of projects as the others, a handmade card, or glue to the cover of a journal, make a gift tag, or a resin necklace etc.

  2. JaneEllen says:

    Thanks for all the versions of this empty nest. Very versatile.

  3. I love the reverse brown and white image, it has a magical and ethereal quality to it.
    The symbolism of an empty nest is quite poignent right now for me as it can have a few different meanings…
    Images can be so powerful and illicite deep and powerful feelings.
    Full Moon Blessings!

  4. My comment is the same as Laurie’s! Cool effect from the reversal. Thanks for adding that version. Would make a touching “sympathy card” for the mother who’s child has gone off to college. Aside from the projected meaning, I simply like it as an almost abstract design, with all its swirls and curls and hatching. Nice balance.

  5. Thanks for these Karen – love the reverse effect!!

  6. Ann Marie says:

    These pictures of the hummingbirds empty nest are simply exciting. I think I will follow the suggestions of Karen Watson. I have need of such a card right now.

    Thank you for sharing.

  7. I don’t know if anyone besides me requested an empty nest, but thanks for finding one! I am working on a Christmas card that shows my family in different locations, and my husband and I are in our — you guessed it — empty nest. Thanks again!

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