Paris Postmark Book Page Wreath

Book Page Wreaths, oh how I love them! There’s something about using a book that’s past it’s prime and giving it whole new life. And, they’re just beautiful to look at. Sigh. Yep, I love a good book page wreath. Have you been intimidated to make one because they seem to complicated? Well, then I have the perfect one for you to try. It’s quick, easy &¬†ruffly, too!

To make one, you will need….

Some book page garland (you can learn how to make it with my book page garland tutorial)
Paris Postmark printed on cardstock (image found at The Graphics Fairy)
A cardboard circle (cake circles work great!)
6 inches (or so) of twine or thin ribbon
Hot glue gun & sticks

Let’s get started! Start on the outer edge of the cardboard circle and start gluing down your book page garland. I put down 5 or 6 inches of hot glue, then press the garland into it. I fold the garland in half, so the seam goes towards the center of the wreath, giving me two layers of ruffled paper.

Spiral inwards, gluing as you go, until you’re almost to the center, but leave room for the postmark.

Cut out the postmark, then hot glue it down right in the center of the wreath, kind of like the middle of a big book page flower. The card stock will give it a little more backbone to hold up to the book pages, much better than regular paper.

Find where you want the hanger to be, then fold your twine in half to create a loop and hot glue it down. Make sure you have it so that the wreath will hang upright. And you’re finished!

They look hard, but it’s so, so easy! You can make it, including the garland, in about half an hour – sooooo much faster than the rolled paper method.

See ya next week with another project, but in the mean time, I’d love for you to visit me on my blog at The Shabby Creek Cottage.


  1. Beautiful Gina!

  2. Wow, how pretty!

  3. I love it. I am doing that this week. Too easy.

  4. I like that!! ..I will like to do with french books!!
    Thanks Gina!

  5. Beautiful and you make it look so easy…gotta try it! Thanks Gina!

  6. This is lovely Gina!

  7. this is great Gina – I have saved a couple of books that I got from a charity shop especially for doing projects with – and this seems to be the perfect one to try it with… you could maybe do one and decorate it with the odd heart or two for Valentines.

    Thanks for the inspiration

    Paula x x x

  8. Hello dear, are Antonella and Your follower – I went to invite You to my first giveaway (I would say the inaugural! … My blog has been online for three months but I never “officially” the thing).

    I’ll be waiting
    By Antonella

  9. Gina, What a creative wreath. I love french inspired decor. Very unique and lovely.

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