Vintage Clip Art – Old Ink Label – Lacey Graphic Frame

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This is another one from my 1890’s Label Catalog. This one was made for an Ink Bottle and has such a pretty lacey frame around it! I’ve made a couple of versions of the frame for you to choose from, they would make cute Blog Buttons or fun to use for a Photoshop Brush!


  1. These are so pretty and look great in all the different colours.
    Thank-you for sharing! :)

  2. Very nice. Thank you for making the different versions.

  3. thanks again for some lovely images

  4. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love ’em :). I see journaling cards for scrapbooking or a frame around a monogram. Maybe I can use it as a guide for a machine embroidery design…Michele

  6. so pretty 😀

  7. HEY Congrats on 12000 Followers!!
    You’re the BEST Karen!!
    (OMG I love this pretty little lacey frame!-yay for purple!)

    Sherilyn Koss
    Clear Crick Cottage

  8. LOVE this! Just what I needed – thank you!

  9. Love these frames!

  10. Those are so beautiful! I need to tink of something to use them. Thank-you for sharing. So generous.

  11. Very pretty frame, Karen! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  12. Thanks everyone!

    Sherilyn, Yes, I just noticed! Doing a happy dance now!

  13. Lovely! I am already thinking of all the wonderful things I could use this for.

  14. Another lovely frame..Thank you, Karen!

  15. Love this frame!

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