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Man in the Moon vintage image download

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Victorian Man in the Moon Cheese
Isn’t this fun?!! This is a cute and quirky little Victorian trade card featuring a wonderful yellow man in the moon face and a funny little Cheese maker man with a chef’s hat! I’ve extracted the Moon in case you want to use him separately.



  1. charles says:

    the mam is moon is a imaginary figure resembling a human face head or body. that observes from some cultural backgrounds typically percieve in the bright disc full moon. the figure is a composed of the dark areas {the luna maria or seas } and ligther higlands of the lunar surface xoxo

  2. Ohhhh!!!! He’s BEAUTIFUL!!! I have a ‘thing’ for the Man in the Moon, and this one’s a peach!!! Thanks soooo much! Hugs, Terri xoxo

  3. Love this one – thank you so much, Karen!

  4. how whimsical is that grinning man in the moon…AND it looks just like the face i see early in the AM to start my day!!! thanks so much for sharing this… ;)

  5. What a glorious have outdone yourself! Thanks Karen!

  6. It’s hard to find good Moon images so, I felt lucky to find him. I’m so glad you all are pleased!

  7. I love this! I’m gonna have to figure out something to do with him!

  8. Terrific image, thank you for sharing. Annette x

  9. Love it Karen!!

  10. Love the image but for me the moon is a Woman? :)

    Outstanding Share and I thank you!

  11. Thanks Karen, I don’t think I have a man in the moon pic…but now I do! Smiles, Sally

  12. Oh, thank-you, Karen! I LOVE vintage man-in-the moon faces!!! I don’t see them very often…this one is fabulous! You’re so wonderful to find and share everything! I really appreciate the work you do on these–thanks, again!


  13. Ahhh, he is most magical! Thank you, Karen!

  14. AkasaWolfSong, I’m sure you could go either way with it, maybe you could add some color to the lips and some pretty hair!

  15. This is sooo cute, it made me laugh! Thank you for sharing.

  16. Cool! Thanks!

  17. Anonymous says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this man in the moon image, thank you so much for sharing it

  18. I agree with AkasaWolfsong that the moon is a woman, as a female archetype, yet many of us were raised to see that face as the “man in the moon”. Nevertheless, this is a unique and lovely illustration. Thank you, Karen!! xxx Nancy

  19. Thank you, Karen! I have been wanting a “man in the moon face” for a while now~ this one is perfect for what I wanted!

  20. Oooooo love, love, love this one!

  21. Love everything about this one. Subject, color, texture and that moon-man really rocks. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Cute Karen!
    I will use this moon for something Halloweenish!! Starting to think about that again.
    I made some flag fans like that last 4Th of July. Love those!

  23. Isn’t “he” sweet? I so had to laugh when I saw the image and I am still smiling. I must put this wonderful picture onto something-that is for sure! Thank you so much Karen for all these wonderful images – I just love visiting your blog – there is always something phantastic to find. Greetings from Germany!

  24. I was quick to save this moon image because I would love to use it in a digital art project. It is irresistible!!!

  25. thank you so much Karen..
    I’ve been looking all over for this, I have a round canvas and planned to do a vintage styled Mr. Moon
    This is really helpful

  26. He is just so sweet. Many thanks

  27. So who’s the autor?

  28. I will be using this as a model for my latest man in the moon needle felting sculpture, thank you for making it available!

  29. Thought I would share with you what I used this lovely image for :D
    Have a look on my blog here –

  30. Thanks Karen!! You gave me a great idea!!!

  31. Thanks again Karen!!!

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