Free Vintage Clip Art – Santa, Santa, Santa!

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Today we have 3 jolly Santas! A little word of warning about the first one though. The beautiful Santa face at the top of the page came in a box lot of things I bought at auction last Summer. He’s probably from the 1960s, made in the USA and does not have a copyright date on him, which I believe should qualify him for the public domain (if he would have had a copyright date, I would not have posted him at all). However, it’s much riskier with later pieces like this, when it comes to the whole copyright thing, which is why I usually use images that are much older. Anyway, use this one at your own risk. It might be best to use this one for personal projects to be safe.

Now the other two sepia toned images are quite old (pre 1920) so they should be fine. I love the reindeer in the second one, but I am not loving the wart on Santa’s nose in the third one, I kind of wish I would have removed it now that I’m looking at it!

In other news, I’ve added a new free background to my other blog at It’s the 3 column version of the Christmas Birds & Scrolls background that I added a few days ago.



  1. Karen, thank you for the lovely images. I personally appreciate your words of caution and your stand on ethics about copyrighting. It is a touchy area. Thank you for the advise, I can always use it…

  2. I love them all…wart and all!!

  3. Thanks for sharing these graphics! I love what you share with us! :D
    ~ Heather, joyful spirit photography

  4. Ho Ho Ho all three are super fabulous tfs i love the second one super fab

  5. Thank you. Love your vintage clip art santa.:)

  6. LOL at the wart at the third one ;) You’re funny! I love the one with the deer! Thank you for all these goodies once again!

  7. I just love this santa clip art from the 60′s. I cannot wait to use it on a Christmas project. Thank you!!

  8. Awesome santas Karen! The first guy looks just like the one my Mom had growing up… he was a cut out that she taped to the kitchen cupboard door..a sweet memory for me!

  9. Just stopped by to see what beautiful things you are giving away. You are so generous, and you make every day Christmas.

  10. LOVE these! Thank you so much! Hugs, Terri

  11. Very jolly indeed!

  12. I LOVE THE Santa pics!! Thank you for such cute pictures :)

  13. I love the 3rd!

  14. Thank you for these lovely graphics!!

  15. This one at the top might be the best one I’ve seen all season! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Love love love the Santa…thanks

  17. Thank you; I love the Santa with reindeer image.

  18. So, are you finding it difficult to not look at the wart? HEEHEE! These images are so dear! Especially the deer – thank you so much, dear! ~ Angela

  19. The top Santa reminds me of the decoration my granny used to have. I just went o a huge flea market and saw so many great Santa’s. I love yours! Thanks for sharing. Cannot believe I have not made it over here before. I must follow you!
    Holly @ 504 Main

  20. May I just say, “I LOVE your site!”
    Thank you for all you share! What can I do for you????
    I love love love the colorful cute Santa! I have printed him small, glittered his beard, and made gift tags out of him! He’s my favorite!

  21. Thank you, these will be perfect for my Christmas tags. I have blogged about them with a link of course back to your site. HOpe this is Ok.

  22. LaVerne Wilson says:

    I took about 5 of your vintage Christmas images to use on coasters. Thanks so very much.

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