Vintage Christmas Clip Art – Bird Tree

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This adorable image comes from an 1870′s Children’s School book! I just thought these little Birds, formed into a Tree shape, were so much fun!!! Wouldn’t these make a darling Christmas Card?!! I’ve made a few options, including red and green.


  1. Thank you for sharing this image.
    I had a knit fabric with something very similar to this print… I loved it to to threads!

  2. LOVE, LOVE this! Thank you!! :)

  3. Oh this is wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. I have to agree with all the comments. Excellent. Thank you!

  5. Thank you!

  6. I just LOVE this too! Can’t decide which version I like best! Will try making a card – or wouldn’t it be great for a tag?
    Thank you!

  7. Beautiful birds, love them!

  8. Oh this is so beautiful! Thank you very much!

  9. I love them! Such a fun image
    Thank yo for sharing

  10. Absolutely my favorite so far. A-freaking-mazing. Thanks so, so much!

  11. This is so unusual – thank you. x

  12. Ooooh! It’s gorgeus!!! Thanks for share it :) :)

  13. Fascinating! Thanks for the image!

  14. Love it!!! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Wonderful! Wonderful! I can think of many ways to use this delightful graphic. Thank you.

  16. Yay!! I’m so glad you guys liked this one so much, I love it too!!

  17. These are SO sweet. Thank You, Karen!

  18. Love this too……trying to think of something witty to say for a card…….as always thanks for sharing!!!

  19. Great image, thank you for sharing.

  20. Thank you! I’m thinking about Christmas cards too.

  21. I just love this, thank you!!! I’m thinking – adorable tags! t. xoxooxo

  22. I just love this, thank you!!! I’m thinking – adorable tags! t. xoxooxo

  23. I can envision so many uses for this beautiful image!!

  24. Thank you!

  25. 1870′s? Really? That’s so funky cool! Wouldn’t have guessed the date…TFS! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  26. Adorable! Perfect to adhere to a gift bag! Thank you!!

  27. Just add a few pears and viola!! Partridges in a pear tree. :)
    A delightful image. Thanks so much for sharing it and it WOULD be perfect as a Christmas card. Just add snow to the branches. :)

  28. Beautiful. Thank you so much.

  29. Love it!! Thank you so much!

  30. oh Love this so clever

  31. So very sweet!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  32. These are fantastic! Thanks!

  33. What a beautiful graphic. I think the black tree could be used for times other than Xmas.

  34. I too love this image! Thanks so much!

  35. Another “thumbs up” vote. I enjoy all your images (and thank you wholeheartedly for finding them and sharing them with us), but this one really jumped out at me.

  36. I love these! I saw this image on Pinterest and was hoping that it was large and framable.

  37. So sweet! Thank you for sharing!

  38. I don’t know why, but I’m almost in tears over finding these images (happy tears!). I clicked on a pin, which led me to a post with several graphics on it. I had to scroll down to find the one I was looking for (which wasn’t this one, btw), and saw this one. My heart did a little flip! I wanted to make sure I could download it (legally and ethically), so I started clicking until I finally landed at the original spot! And then find out that it’s vintage AND free? Be still my heart… ;) Thank you so much!

  39. Thank you soo much for these images! They are soo cute! I was wondering if you could make one in blue and one in brown? Thanks soo much!
    Melissa :-)

  40. Sometimes I use your pictures in my cards (thanks a lot for inspiration!), but this bird tree… they all like it very much!!!

  41. These are awesome. Thanks so much.

    Lisa D.

  42. I’m sure the book told of how it is a counting aid, from one to ten. Am planning on printing this as a coloring page for my grandbabies when they are old enough :~D Thanks! A stunning image.

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