Vintage Clip Art – World Maps – Printable Download

Click HERE for the full Size Printable PDF for the first Map
Click HERE for the full Size Printable PDF for the second Map

I’m squeezing in one more request for today! Stephanie requested a vintage Map of the World. These are from a 1915 Atlas, they are quite large and a tiny bit got cut off , by my scanner, on each side but most of it is there. Stephanie wanted to cut these up to decoupage some chairs. How cool is that?! These would look great framed too. I’ve included High Resolution downloads for both pages.



  1. I love these old maps! I have a couple of atlases from the late 1800s and the countries are so completely different it seems like a different world!

    I’m wondering if you can ever find an old clip art of a registered nurse. I’ve looked and sure can’t. Thanks, Chris

  2. fantastic post xoxo karen

  3. Oh, I love maps and these are great!

  4. Hi Karen, I’m a new follower and blogger and hope to use your free graphics as soon as I figure out how to install them on my blog…LOL…Thanks, Lalo.

  5. Oh Yayyy! Thank you! I’ve got to do something wonderful with this. It’s perfect!

  6. Wonderful maps, thanks a lot

  7. These are fabulous! And I love that idea of refinishing chairs with them! Very cool! Thank you!

  8. just wanted to say that the graphics fairy means the world to me!!! 😉

  9. Hi Chris,
    I do have some nurses Here Due to copyright terms, the majority of my images are from prior to 1923. I’m not sure when they started registering nurses, so but if it was after that year, than these nurses probably aren’t RNs.

    Hi Lalo,
    My blog friend Kayla is going to be making a video about this in December. It’s very easy though, you just click on the image, using the button on the right side of your mouse, then select “save as” in the pop up box and save it to your computer. Easy peasy!

    Hi Stephanie,
    I’m so glad you like the maps!

    Donnalee, Aw!! That’s so cute!

  10. I stalk daily!!! Thanx for the maps…my son has a car fetish and I’m gonna LOVE framing one of these for his wall!

  11. Map heaven – thanks Karen

  12. hey thanks for these! do you have any idea what is the maximum size you could print these?

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