Old Photo – 11 Ladies in a Line – Friendship

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I found this fun Old Photo in an Antique Shop in Central Pennsylvania. Here we have 11 sweet Ladies all in a row. I love that they are smiling and seem to be having fun, you don’t see that a lot in these old photos! I think this would make a great card for a Friend!


  1. They definitely look happy and sooo well dressed.Happy new year and keep blogging at your wonderful blog.Thanks so much!

  2. Karen,
    I have been away too long!! Miss visiting your wonderful blog!
    Happy Happy New Year to you!!
    Mam Holli

  3. What a delightful photo, Karen! I’ve been trying to figure out how the women were connected. They could be cousins (two of the women look several years older than the others, but it wasn’t uncommon in those days of large families to have children born just a few years apart who were aunts or uncles to each other). And because of the older women, I’m thinking that they’re not friends. But I think I finally figured it out: They’re all teachers at the same school! (Oops, but were there that many teachers in one school back in the days of higher student-to-teacher ratios??)

    Oh, well, regardless of how they knew each other, it is a wonderful photo! Thank you for sharing it, Karen! xoxo

    • Pat, I think you might be right! There were names above some of them, I erased them since the handwriting appeared to be from a much later date, and wasn’t attractive. Most of the names had the first initial and last name of the women, some didn’t have names written at all, and the woman second from the right, had “Miss Pohle” written above it, which does sound like a Teacher! Perhaps it was a large school in a bit city.

    • Yes!! The “Miss Pohle” notation practically *proves* that they were teachers! (It was probably the last day of school, and that’s why they were all smiling!) xoxo

  4. What a great photo! It would be fun to imagine who they were and what occasion had brought them together.

  5. Great Photo..I live in Central Pennsylvania!!

  6. I love this photo and I wish I knew who those women were! I love all of their dresses! I live in Central PA too!

  7. Hi Karen, Love this one and yes, rare to see smiling faces. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy New Year, Hugs, Celestina Marie

  8. Oh Karen, how charming … I adore these ‘women in a line’ photos, definitely one of the nicest I have seen. Thank you so much for scouting it out for us. And yes, I agree that is must be a faculty picture.

  9. How fun! And I agree people rarely smiled back then, in looking loser I think that some might be related, assome of them look alike…..what a wonderful find!

    • I agree, Sandy! I think that the two women who are 2nd and 4th from the left might be sisters, and the women who are 3rd from the left and 3rd from the right might be, as well. Teaching was one of the few careers open to women in those days, so it wouldn’t have been at all unusual for several daughters in a family to enter that profession. xoxo

  10. Fabulous photo – thanks so much Karen.

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