Sheet music covered suit case

Ever luck up upon a great deal – but it’s just not completely your style? Happens to me all the time!

I found this suitcase at an antiques shop, at a steal for only $15. Only problem? A rough looking exterior of some scuffed up roses. But I knew that the sweet little suitcase could be a beauty with just a little imagination! Living south of Nashville, I know that everybody LOVES music related stuff. Sheet music is the key to selling anything in my neck of the woods. So that’s what this pretty little case needed.

I started with the case and some sheet music (I found mine at a local thrift shop for only 10 cents!!! – but you can always print off your own with the graphic found HERE.) You will also need:

Antique Matte Mod Podge
A paint brush (for applying the Mod Podge)
Scissors (for paper)
Exacto Knife
A print for the top (I used the graphic found HERE)

Let’s get started! First I trimmed up the flaky parts of the previous paper job with my exacto knife. I used it to lift up the bits that were peeling up, and cut around the edges cleanly.

  Then I took my cheapo sheet music and started covering the top and sides with the pages.

I used the Brayer to get the pages as smooth as possible, although the rough paper underneath did leave a little texture (and it looks pretty fab!)

I love using the Antique Mod Podge, because it gives it an aged appearance. The more coats you use, the better it looks!

Around the corners, I used my nail as a guide to put a crease in the paper to get the curves just right.

Then I trimmed it out and glued it down, using the Mod Podge on top as a sealer.

After the whole piece was dry, I went back and adhered the Eiffel Tower print on top with more Mod Podge.
Simple & easy, huh? This one is headed to my upcoming barn sale – hope she’ll be a hit!
See ya next week for another DIY idea! Wanna find more from me? Head on over to my blog at The Shabby Creek Cottage.

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  1. Très jolie!

  2. This looks awesome. Love the vintage-y feel

  3. Loving that suitcase, hope I can find a small one similiar to one you redid. So cute and handy. Great tutorial and thanks so much for links to the images you used to redo the suitcase. Very helpful. If I can’t find one I”ll use one of my train cases to experiment.

  4. Crystal-barker says:

    Found you On Pintrest, the suitcase is fantastic! I found one at a flea market I want to use mainly for a photo prop with my toddler. I paid 2 dollars for it at a flea market, but it does need some love and this project is perfect! You mentioned being south of Nashville and having a barn sale? I’m south of Nashville and I want to know more about this sale if you have other great things like this in there!!! :)

  5. I loved this so much that I went ahead and made my own just like it right away. I gave you a shoutout too: Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. I LOVE THIS!!! I’m hoping I can find an old suitcase so I can give this a try.

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