Vintage Clip Art Image – Wonderful Octopus or Cuttle-fish

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Vintage Octopus Image

*Update: I’ve added this second version of the same Vintage Octopus Image, the dimensions are smaller, but the resolution is higher. Just wanted to give you another option for your projects!

This looks like an Octopus to me but according to the Early Antique Natural History book that this came from, it’s actually a Common Cuttle-fish. Either way, he has lots of awesome looking legs, and is such a fun graphic to play with! You might like another Vintage Cuttle-fish image from the same book HERE.

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  1. hi karen excellent image. is a pleasure to read you every day xoxo

  2. Thank you! I used it for my new graphic on Etsy:

  3. Gorgeous image, Karen..if you ever had a parakeet, and bought a cuttle-bone for it, this is the cartilaginous “backbone” of a squid image is of course incorrect, as you know..

  4. I loveeeeeeeeee

  5. Wonderful image!

  6. Too good to be true! Thank you over and over again. Blogged at

  7. This ran on the comics section of the Houston Chronicle, July 31, 2011; the “Mutts” strip, by Patrick McDonnell ran it, without any attribution I might add. Just thought you’d like to know.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This graphic is being resold on etsy:

    (was on featured on

  9. Beautiful!! just found this image here, I’m going to use it as reference for a t-shirt illustration. Thank you! :)

  10. Oh wow! this image is FAB! My teen daughter is steampunk crazy and wants an ocotpus for her room. I think this image will delight her. I will attempt to make a wall image or perhaps a cushion. Will link back when I work it out.

  11. Hi Karen, I’m hoping that you’ll be able to respond to the question. first, thank you for having all of these graphics. Wishing you had some great surfing ones. Anyways, I would love to transfer this one to a cabinet. Have any ideas?

  12. Hi Erin,
    Yes, I have 12 different transfer techniques over on my DIY Blog! You can find theme here

  13. Awesome graphic! It’s definitely an octopus, though–no fins and only 8 arms (cuttlefish have 10). :)

  14. Thanks so much for this! I just used this to make a sea creature dresser.

  15. Oh, how fun!! I would love to see pics, will you be posting it on your blog?!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I made an awesome triptych using this image, thanks so much for sharing!

  18. Hi Karen, can I use this picture on my website?

  19. Another great Octopus! How to pickle a sweater have used this resource for a wall graphic
    Might have a go at one for our design studios in Cardiff, give our graphic designers something to talk about!

  20. Hi! This is a beautiful image, thanks for sharing.
    I found it mentioned on a blog where the blogger was able to print the graphic almost four feet tall.
    I can’t seem to save it at such a high resolution (no more than 8×10 inches).
    Is there a trick I’m just missing? I’m just enlarging the image and saving it to my computer.

  21. Absolutely in love with this picture. I would like to print it exactly like the original one. Navy blue and white. Do you know ow I could change the colouring???? Please help!!!!

  22. Hi! Is there any way you could email me a high resolution PDF of this octopus image? I am trying to change in photo shop and the DPI is too low for what i want to do!
    Thanks for any help!

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