Freezer Paper Transfer Method + Free Paris Address Printable!

Freezer Paper Transfer Method
Freezer Paper Transfer Method
Hi, I’m Gina! You may know me from my blog, The Shabby Creek Cottage. I’m so very excited to be a new contributor for The Graphics Fairy. It’s such an honor to be among such a creative crew!
This week, I’m sharing a pretty simple project, for the Freezer Paper Transfer Method. {I love this awesome technique!} I started with this table runner (you can learn how to make it over at my blog.)

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable
To do this you’ll need: Your runner (or anything you want to print on), some freezer paper, and a printer. I also used scissors and a piece of cardstock.
First you need to cut your freezer paper to the size of a sheet of paper. I had cardstock on hand, so I used it as a template and cut with scissors. You could also use a mat and cut it 8 1/2 x 11. Either way works great.
DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable

Now put the cut piece of freezer paper in your printer – you’ll want it so that the plastic side will receive the ink. {Please excuse my messy cabinet!}

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable

Print your image in reverse, and be careful not to touch the ink. It will stay wet until the next step.

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable
Carefully lay it down on the fabric where you want the graphic and iron it down. Make sure your iron is set on NO steam. I ironed about 60 seconds to make sure everything was in place.

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable
After you’re ironed down, put the runner on a hard surface (like a table) and use something to burnish down the paper even more. I did it with and without this step – it really does make a big difference! Just rub, rub, rub and make sure that you’ve went over all of the graphic.

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable
Then peel off the paper – and you’re done! The ironing makes the paper grab to the fabric, so it’ll be a bit like peeling off tape.

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable

I love the imperfect, slightly vintage look of this method.

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable

Want the graphic? Grab it below!
Click HERE for the Full Size Printable PDF
Click HERE for the Reverse Full Size Printable PDF
See ya next week for another project!


  1. I am still confused on how you print your image in reverse?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would also like to know how you print in reverse (something other than the template provided here).

  3. Any thoughts on using burlap? I just tried this technique doing all the steps correcty and the image did not transfer. Someone suggested I ask Kinko's?

    • Amy, Burlap can be tough to transfer to, because the weave is so loose. The best method that I have found for burlap is using Iron on Transfer paper. I use a brand called Tap, which works really well, and can be found on Amazon. I have a couple of posts here that show you how to use it, if you do a search for my Union Jack Pillow project, you will find more info there.

  4. I absolutely love your site. It's amazing and you will be featured on my site soon. Your Pinterst boards opened so many new ideas for me. I'm VERY new to the blog world, so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  5. I am totally addicted to this site and your other site. I took tea towels and transferred this same graphic on it for Christmas presents. I put them in Mason Jars with bright green jingle bells. They were a big hit!

  6. wow, thanks for the great tutorials!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Will color ink transfer or only black ink?

  8. I did everything the tutorial said, transferring it to painters cloth, etc., but the image was so faint that I could barely see it. I burnished on a hard surface, I ironed it non-steam. Any idea how to get the image darker?

  9. Anonymous says:

    For some reason, when I print onto my Freezer paper, the ink fades away as it dries so that my image is hardly visible. Does anyone know what would be causing this and how I can fix it?

  10. I was printing on my Epson Artisan 810 with a sheet of freezer paper I cut to fit in it and the image always comes out with the ink beading up on the paper like its using to much or something. Ive been testing this out on different printer settings for paper type and Ive noticed some differences but anyone care to share how they are printing or if they are printing pictures and not just text? I specifically want to know what paper type your selecting and quality of the photo the size, right now any info would be helpful. So far the tests ive done with the images ive ironed on look about the same as when they are fresh out of the printer..

    • Did you figure out what to do? I have the same printer. I thought it looked pretty good transferred onto a t-shirt (it did look faded- but to me that made it look kind of vintage). However, today when I touched the image on the shirt, the ink came off onto my hand! :-(

  11. So, who can tell me how i can make non-water fast ink permanent on fabric ? Thanks.

  12. Love this idea! Question I haven’t seen addressed: You mention that the ink will stay wet until placed on the fabric. Have you had problems with incorrect positioning? I don’t want to put it down and think, aw, it’s crooked” and then not be able to move it because some ink has already soaked in. Has anyone had an issue with this? Thanks for the lovely idea!

  13. what a great idea. Would allowing image to dry and then misting fabric with hairspray first work? I’ve been looking up transfer methods all morning and hairspray features quite a lot. I am off to try transfer method with freezer paper and wood…
    also think that coating surface with watered down pva or modge podge and allowed to dry would solve this problem as it is used to transfer images direct from paper.

  14. If I want to use my own word image. How do you get it to print in reverse? Thanks so much. Love your work, You are so dedicated to your site!! Thank you.

  15. Check your printer options. You might have to push a few buttons to find them. My current “mirror image” option is under “Layout.” Some word processing programs give you that option, as well.

  16. I am so excited to try this!! Thank you for sharing!

  17. Thank you

  18. Freezer paper is not sold here,(Ireland) nor are there quilt shops – so what would be the equivalent or alternative for this product please?

  19. Hey Gina!
    Thank you for this lovely tutorial. I was wondering whether the print is permanent. Does it wash off?

  20. merci Gina pour tes idées merveilleuses ! J’ai enfin fini par trouver ce fameux papier (j’habite en France) sur Amazon. Je vais pouvoir tester et j’ai hâte d’essayer.

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