DIY Transfer Project and Paris Address Printable

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable
Hi, I’m Gina! You may know me from my blog, The Shabby Creek Cottage. I’m so very excited to be a new contributor for Graphics Fairy DIY. It’s such an honor to be among such a creative crew!
This week, I’m sharing a pretty simple project, a French Label transfer method. I started with this table runner (you can learn how to make it over at my blog.)

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable
To do this you’ll need: Your runner (or anything you want to print on), some freezer paper, and a printer. I also used scissors and a piece of cardstock.
First you need to cut your freezer paper to the size of a sheet of paper. I had cardstock on hand, so I used it as a template and cut with scissors. You could also use a mat and cut it 8 1/2 x 11. Either way works great.
DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable

Now put the cut piece of freezer paper in your printer – you’ll want it so that the plastic side will receive the ink. {Please excuse my messy cabinet!}

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable

Print your image in reverse, and be careful not to touch the ink. It will stay wet until the next step.

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable
Carefully lay it down on the fabric where you want the graphic and iron it down. Make sure your iron is set on NO steam. I ironed about 60 seconds to make sure everything was in place.

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable
After you’re ironed down, put the runner on a hard surface (like a table) and use something to burnish down the paper even more. I did it with and without this step – it really does make a big difference! Just rub, rub, rub and make sure that you’ve went over all of the graphic.

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable
Then peel off the paper – and you’re done! The ironing makes the paper grab to the fabric, so it’ll be a bit like peeling off tape.

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable

I love the imperfect, slightly vintage look of this method.

DIY Transfer Project Paris Printable

Want the graphic? Grab it below!
Click HERE for the Full Size Printable PDF
Click HERE for the Reverse Full Size Printable PDF
See ya next week for another project!


  1. Love your table runner, Gina – and such a great clear tutorial, I think I will finally try to make a transfer onto fabric. Thanks so much for sharing, can’t wait to see what you’re making next week. Mary

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is so cool! Is the ink permanent? How does it stand up in the wash? Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I wish I could find freezer paper around here…I’ve looked at Target and Walmart and cannot find it. Any sources?

    • Sarah, Did you try your grocery store? Mine has it in the same section as Aluminum foil.

    • Hi Sarah, I found mine at Walmart, in the area where the aluminum foil is. You can also try your local grocery stores, too. I found it “hidden” on the very bottom shelf :) Hope this helps!

    • Costco has a big roll of freezer paper (we use a lot of it for quilting) for around $40 give or take. You can also get it at grocery stores in smaller rolls or walmart in smaller rolls – it will be with the foil and saran wrap. It is great for applique patterns because you can iron it over and over using the same pattern many times.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wal-mart does have it. You’ll find it in the area where the canning jars are. I found some there. THe freezer paper is not with the freezer bags, etc. Their way of stocking just blows my mind!!

    • I would bet wax paper would work

  4. Hi Anon,
    The type of ink your printer takes determines whether or not it is permanent. My printer is permanent, but there are a few brands out there that are not. A quick google search can tell you if yours is.

    Thanks so much!

    • There is a liquid you can buy that you can use to make inkjet printer ink permanent. From memory you soak the fabric in the solution for 5 minutes and then let it dry, then do the image transfer as per this tutorial, then let that dry and then you wash it to remove the solution residue and it is permanent. I actually make labels for my business using this solution.

  5. Hi girls! Love your collaboration! Genius!
    Gina did you use an inkjet or laser jet printer?
    Can’t wait to see what you come up with next :0)

  6. Hola , muchas gracias por el tuto y por la explicacion

  7. Hello, cool tutorial. I’m just unclear if this is a laser or inkjet printer. Thanks!

  8. Hi everyone. Gina used an inkjet printer that uses waterproof ink. I use a similar type of printer. If your printer does not use waterproof ink, then I would make sure to only use this technique on projects that you won’t be washing. This method works great on wood too!

  9. Great to have another fabulous crafter showing off all the wonderful images that Karen shares with everyone. Said it before-this is the BEST site out there for artists/crafters. Amazing that we have this resource.

  10. LOVE this!!!! Oh yay oh yay oh yaaaaayyy!

  11. Anonymous says:

    How do you print it in reverse? Is there a printer setting?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is wax paper the same as freezer paper? We have different products in canada, just like i can’t find CitriSolve for doing transfers and was wondering if other orange solvents will also work.

  13. WOW! You ladies are GREAT! Asking ALLL the RIGHT QUESTIONS! I don’t have any now!!!!!!!!!! LOL :) Thank you for the printable & reverse! :) (P.S. If you’d add the URL thingy to your Graphics Fairy blog, I’d leave you comments there too! :) ) LOVE your blog!!!!!!! :)

  14. LOVE this project, girls! Thanks for the great tutorial and fabulous graphics!!!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  15. Oh, this is fantastic. I do lots of things for the theatre… and I can use this method for transferring a pattern and then using the dimensional paints… so great

  16. This seems like a great method for transferring a pattern. Freezing paper can not be bought at grocery stores in the Netherlands, but I order a length at a hobby shop. I am looking forward to give it a t try.

    • Marianne, when I lived in England you could find freezer paper at quilt shops. If there is one near to where you live you might try calling them and see if they stock it or they may be able to tell you where you can get it.

    • Hi Marianne,

      I’ve just found out (same as do sell freezerpaper sheets (used for quilting)- 30 sheets for €8.99! :-D Delivery within 3 days!

      Good luck! Succes ermee…:-)

    • Anonymous says:

      I too live in the UK and found is on they even have a brand for this purpose called quilters freezer paper sheets. I am going to start trying this. I just have no way of know if my ink is waterproof or not – nothing on the packaging for HP Photosmart printers if the ink is waterproof – any guidance on the brand to use?

  17. Awesome- going to give it a try.

  18. I was so excited to try this method, while waiting for my CitriSolve to arrive…I have followed all intructions to the letter, but….my Dell inkjet printer will not print on the shiny side of the paper. Any thoughts or ideas anyone? :)

    • Hi GG, Oh, that’s a shame! Maybe try some different settings on your printer and see if that works, you might try selecting a higher quality print setting or even a lower one and see if that makes a difference.

    • It worked!!! I had to go to “Properties” and there is a setting for “coated” paper as well as glossy, etc… My first transfer is good enough to sew into a pillow :)
      Just want to share a few tips I also learned. My freezer paper curled and would not go throught the printer so I attached it to a regular sheet of printer paper with a small piece of double face tape at each corner…problem solved.
      I now have THREE pillow (covers) to sew…Big SMILE!
      I also misted my fabric with water from a spray bottle. Just a fine mist to get it damp.
      VERY happy that I stuck with this and didn’t give up. Well worth the trial and error.

  19. Ok, I just tried this method. I followed the directions but when I peeled the paper off, NO print stayed on the fabric! It all peeled up with the paper. What did I do wrong?

    • Did you get it figured out? I printed my reverse image on 16 sheets of freezer paper and nothing is staying on the fabric for me either! I hate to waste even more paper! I have a Dell inkjet printer too, so I may try that. Just curious if you figured out your problem. Thank you.

    • Lou Jean Derouen says:

      Please read the instructions again. It is mentioned that you need to burnish the letters to be sure that they will transfer and not stay on the freezer paper.

  20. Thanks so much for this tutorial using wax paper to transfer. This is so helpful. I can’t wait to try this.

  21. Thanks for the great tutorial. Now to see if the ink my printer uses is permanent or not!

  22. Thank you very much for the tuto, Gina, so GREATTTTTT!!!
    And my compliments, Karen, for an awesome blog full of lovely graphics!!!!
    Hugs both of you,

  23. Thank you for the great tutorial!

  24. For future use on different graphics, can you please tell us how to print in reverse?

    • Hi gme, I’ve done this before on Picasa, using Ctrl Shift V for a vertical flip and Ctrl Shift H for a horizontal flip.

    • Almost any graphics program can reverse an image. If you don’t have another graphics program, GIMP is a free download and it does all the standard things that most people ever need. In GIMP, open the image and then click “Image”, then “Transform”, and then “Flip horizontally.”

  25. I’m looking forward to trying this!

  26. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to try this!!

  27. Wow that is a really, really great idea! The result is fantastic. It does look so vintage. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Just wonder, does the image stays after washing?

  29. Anonymous says:

    DOES NOT work on felt!!!! Very upsetting! I tried 8 different ways, with different settings on the printer and it just doesn’t work. :(

    • The felt is probably to fuzzy to accept the ink. Sorry it didn’t work for you. I like to use Canvas Drop Cloth, it’s a nice weight for the printer, and it takes the ink really well.

  30. Thank you for the awesome tutorial!!!
    I am excited too to find waterproof ink!

    • I am trying to find out if my machine takes waterproof ink and can't find any info. on it ..any suggestions on how you found out ?

    • Most Epson printers use waterproof ink (although not all, so make sure you get the right one if you’re shopping for a new printer). If you don’t have an Epson, you probably don’t have waterproof ink.

  31. I use pre-cut 8 1/2 x 11 freezer paper from Dharma Trading Co.

    Since I do a lot of stencil cut outs this is economical and time saving for me. Works great!

  32. I highlighted this wonderful technique on my little blog at Thanks!

  33. Thank you that sooo great i love it

    hugs Conny

  34. Was so excited to do this and couldn’t get it to work :( The image was transferred very slightly but greenish, not black like what was printed. Any suggestions? Would love to get this to work. Thanks!

  35. I am SO stinkin’ excited I found this! Thanks so much for sharing!!


  36. I think this is a great idea. I’m going to try to do it tomorrow.

  37. wonderful, can’t wait to try…

  38. The correct English is “gone over” not “went over.”

  39. I have been looking and looking for this, need it for a christmas present…but do you have any suggestions with a laser printer? Will this work since that is permanent?

  40. just so everyone knows- this is the exact same process you can use it with WAX paper as well

  41. I am still confused on how you print your image in reverse?

  42. Anonymous says:

    I would also like to know how you print in reverse (something other than the template provided here).

  43. Any thoughts on using burlap? I just tried this technique doing all the steps correcty and the image did not transfer. Someone suggested I ask Kinko's?

    • Amy, Burlap can be tough to transfer to, because the weave is so loose. The best method that I have found for burlap is using Iron on Transfer paper. I use a brand called Tap, which works really well, and can be found on Amazon. I have a couple of posts here that show you how to use it, if you do a search for my Union Jack Pillow project, you will find more info there.

  44. I absolutely love your site. It's amazing and you will be featured on my site soon. Your Pinterst boards opened so many new ideas for me. I'm VERY new to the blog world, so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  45. I am totally addicted to this site and your other site. I took tea towels and transferred this same graphic on it for Christmas presents. I put them in Mason Jars with bright green jingle bells. They were a big hit!

  46. wow, thanks for the great tutorials!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Will color ink transfer or only black ink?

  48. I did everything the tutorial said, transferring it to painters cloth, etc., but the image was so faint that I could barely see it. I burnished on a hard surface, I ironed it non-steam. Any idea how to get the image darker?

  49. Anonymous says:

    For some reason, when I print onto my Freezer paper, the ink fades away as it dries so that my image is hardly visible. Does anyone know what would be causing this and how I can fix it?

  50. I was printing on my Epson Artisan 810 with a sheet of freezer paper I cut to fit in it and the image always comes out with the ink beading up on the paper like its using to much or something. Ive been testing this out on different printer settings for paper type and Ive noticed some differences but anyone care to share how they are printing or if they are printing pictures and not just text? I specifically want to know what paper type your selecting and quality of the photo the size, right now any info would be helpful. So far the tests ive done with the images ive ironed on look about the same as when they are fresh out of the printer..

    • Did you figure out what to do? I have the same printer. I thought it looked pretty good transferred onto a t-shirt (it did look faded- but to me that made it look kind of vintage). However, today when I touched the image on the shirt, the ink came off onto my hand! :-(

  51. So, who can tell me how i can make non-water fast ink permanent on fabric ? Thanks.

  52. Love this idea! Question I haven’t seen addressed: You mention that the ink will stay wet until placed on the fabric. Have you had problems with incorrect positioning? I don’t want to put it down and think, aw, it’s crooked” and then not be able to move it because some ink has already soaked in. Has anyone had an issue with this? Thanks for the lovely idea!

  53. what a great idea. Would allowing image to dry and then misting fabric with hairspray first work? I’ve been looking up transfer methods all morning and hairspray features quite a lot. I am off to try transfer method with freezer paper and wood…
    also think that coating surface with watered down pva or modge podge and allowed to dry would solve this problem as it is used to transfer images direct from paper.

  54. If I want to use my own word image. How do you get it to print in reverse? Thanks so much. Love your work, You are so dedicated to your site!! Thank you.

  55. Check your printer options. You might have to push a few buttons to find them. My current “mirror image” option is under “Layout.” Some word processing programs give you that option, as well.

  56. I am so excited to try this!! Thank you for sharing!

  57. Thank you

  58. Freezer paper is not sold here,(Ireland) nor are there quilt shops – so what would be the equivalent or alternative for this product please?

  59. Hey Gina!
    Thank you for this lovely tutorial. I was wondering whether the print is permanent. Does it wash off?

  60. merci Gina pour tes idées merveilleuses ! J’ai enfin fini par trouver ce fameux papier (j’habite en France) sur Amazon. Je vais pouvoir tester et j’ai hâte d’essayer.

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