Old Photo – Tiny Girl dressed for Winter

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Isn’t she a cutie?!! This tiny little Girl is all bundled up for Winter in her fancy Fur Coat and Muff, and big Hat. So sweet! The original photo is at the bottom, I also created a close up photo for you to use as well. Personally though, I like the original because you can see how petite she really is, standing on that bench!


  1. too sweet! She must live in Minnesota… where you really have to bundle up! Thanks for the great art; can’t wait to use it :)

  2. This would make such a sweet little doll! I love the Tibetan lambswool collar and muff she’s wearing and stoical expression. Thank you!

  3. Poor poodle :)

  4. Sweet photo! She’s cute! Thank you!

  5. Oh a muff! I had a muff as a little girl and loved it – so much better than gloves and you could hide things in it too :) Thank you so much for all the wonderful images, I don’t always comment but I visit every day. Maddy x

  6. I love this photo Karen!!! I will use it for a winter crazy quilt block. These as so hard to find.
    Thank you!

  7. She is so cute. I’m thinking of changing her outfit (coat, muff & hat) to pink.

    I can’t help it – It’s a pink thing with me.


  8. What a cutie pie :)

  9. What an adorable image!! Thank you!

  10. How cute is she??? lol

  11. Hello,
    I was so thrilled to find this cute little snow girl! I used her in my mini cloche’ and put a pink fur muff and collar on her! She looks darling…thanks so much!

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