14 Handmade Gift Ideas for Moms

{Reminder we are no longer doing the Brag Monday Linky party. Instead I hope you will be inspired by these 14 fabulous projects!}

Today I’ve rounded up 14 Handmade Gift Ideas for Moms! All of these wonderful crafts and projects were created using Vintage Graphics from my site. Some were created by me, some by my contributors and some were submitted by readers! I had so much fun putting this collection together, I hope these projects and DIY’s will help inspire you to create some fabulous gifts for the moms in your life!

14 Handmade Gift Ideas For Moms

You will find the first project below!


The first project is one of my all time favorites!  These gorgeous necklaces were made by one of my good friends, Candie Cooper!  She makes the most amazing jewelry!  For this project, she used the Lady in Pierrot Costume, Eiffel Tower with Postmark, Old French Perfume Label and Red and White Fleur de Lis Pattern!


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  1. The link to view the Carte zippered pouch isn’t correct. It keeps going to the butterfly vase. I’d love to see how to do the zippered pouch if that is possible. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas and free images.

  2. Frist I love your website and I also hate it. I love what you have to offer and spend a lot of time on your site and telling others about it. I hate all the stuff on the sides and the top. takes too long to load and nothing works until it is all loaded. I have a new computer and the highest internet so it isn’t just my computer. If I could figure out how to set it up so I don’t get all of that I would – needless to say I never click on any of it. so from the stand point of advertisement it is a waste for me, but hopefully for others they click on it. Now that I have ranted about what I hate. I do have a request. When you offer multiple things like the 14 handmade gifts could you please put small thumbnails on page one. Out of frustration I go through a couple of pages and just say forget it. Not worth my time. thanks for listening..

    • Karen Watson says:

      Hi Connie,
      The advertisements and sponsors pay for the antique paper pieces that I buy to share here, without them I couldn’t afford to run this blog. I spend a lot of money on very rare prints, books etc and then a lot of time preparing them to share. I’m sorry it’s loading slow for you, you might try out a different browser and see if that helps. I’m not sure about the thumbnails, I’ll see if there is a plug in or something for that.

  3. If you would get rid of these slow pages I am sure people would be willing to buy a subscription if it is reasonably priced. I know I would.

  4. I just want to thank you for all the marvelous ideas and FREE GRAPHICS you offer!! What a generous gift to those of us who can appreciate the time it takes for you to “clean up” the images and often provide them in several color choices……. And you even reverse them for transfers!!!!!!!! MANY THANKS!!!! I LOVE YOUR COLLECTION!!

  5. Hi Karen ! Lovely post. Just to let you know, I am sharing this post on my facebook page :)
    Naush from Dubai

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